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What Is Sin?

What is sin other than the unnatural use of what the Lord created? We can be emotional and less than objective all we care to be in our view of what sin is, but when we break it down, it is my belief that it points to natural vs. unnatural use.

For example, the Lord says that He abhors homosexuality. In the world of man, those who promote this political and dysfunctional, sexual agenda always ask the question, "but who has the right to say what is 'normal'?" If it's man alone that we had to consider, I suppose that normality is purely dependent on the individual who defines it. However, defining the term homosexuality, as it relates to God's Word, has NOTHING to do with man and everything to do with our Creator--He who made us in His image.

Oh, many point out that two people, regardless of sex, can love one another, enough so that they want to live together for the rest of their lives. They say that homosexuality has nothing to do with the act of sex but everything to do with that warm and fuzzy feeling called "love."

I have to disagree. The definitions of these two terms absolutely depend on sexual intent, desire, action. Without this component attached to the definition, any two individuals of like sex living together for whatever reason would automatically be considered homosexual, and we know that this is simply not the way it works (not that some folks won't think they are gay).

So, where it involves the sin of homosexuality, as outlined by God in His Word, it is my belief that it has nothing to do with the heart-felt love that two of like sex may feel for one another but rather the unnatural use of the sex organs.

Okay, what about heterosexuals who use their sexual organs in a similar manner (without becoming graphic)? My answer to that is simply this: who ever said that sexual dysfunction was characteristic of homosexuals only? Clearly, any use of the sex organs in any way other than what they were originally intended represents sin. But, may I point out that we do not have heterosexual groups lobbying Congress in order to legitimize their sexual dysfunction by calling it a civil rights issue. Neither have they placed a videotape in our public schools to further their agenda (the pro-homosexual videotape I'm speaking of clearly tells our elementary school children that homosexuality is "normal").

The bottom line is this. Let function determine what is "normal" and not politicians, homosexuals, heterosexuals, or those who enjoy other deviant behaviorisms. Frankly, since it is impossible for both sides of this issue to decide on what is "normal," and because each side has it's own agenda, or so it might seem, it makes more sense to me to allow God to define what is proper and what is not. Otherwise, any particular group who has a lot of money will be able to do what the homosexual camp has done, legitimize a sin by redefining it as a "life style." This is clearly not in the best interest of society (just ask Lot who once lived in a now burned out city called Sodom).

Best Regards,
Al Colombo

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