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How many times did you personally buy a car and have to transport it home without a valid license plate? If a law enforcement officer pulled you over between point A and B, chances are he let you go when you produced a dated bill of sale and you assured him of your INTENT to take the vehicle right home and park it, until you can obtain the required plate. At least that's the way it's been in Ohio for many years now.

With that said, allow me first to remind everyone of the sacred premise here in the U.S. that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. If the words of William Leavitt's attorney, Lamond Mills, are correct, and there is no reason not to believe him, Larry Harris and William Leavitt were there in Las Vegas to purchase a piece of equipment that would enable them to come up with an anti-anthrax inoculant.

Given the fact that there is only enough inoculant available for very limited number of people, and given the fact that the cost of these commercially available shots is extremely high, well out of the financial means of most of us, this would be a worthwhile endeavor for any laboratory business man.

Second, may I ask you one simple question, What else would you expect from a microbiologist and the owner of a laboratory?

I have to tell you that when I read the comments made by Harris' neighbors in Lancaster, Ohio, I roared with laughter. For example, Verna Linehan, age 50, who lives nearby, said that "He has a record of doing very strange things. He scares me, especially for his racist remarks and because he's been involved in some far-right groups. He and his wife are very quiet and strange."

Now, put yourself into Harris' shoes and ask yourself ONE question: If someone were to go to your neighbors with allegations that you were planning to kill millions of people, what kinds of things would they say about you? Because Harris does not bother his neighbors, because he and his wife are quiet, they become strange. What does Verna want, them to be loud and very verbal in the neighborhood about his opposition to a totally liberal agenda?

Consider the comments of another one of his neighbors: Don Carpenter, age 69, said that Harris and his wife have always been kind to him and that he cannot say anything about Harris that is bad. He, in fact, said "He strikes me as being a normal person." Then, instead of saying, I don't believe what they're saying about him, he says "This really surprises me. That's really terrible."

Now, the kicker for me, what really made me chuckle, was a statement by Hugh Grimmett, 24 years old, who said, "It's kind of scary knowing he could blow up the whole neighborhood." Despite the fact that this young person is a newspaper boy, he obviously hasn't a clue about what Harris is accused of! Sounds like he thinks Harris was going to blow up New York City or something.

There is only one other regime that was able to incite public hysteria to the degree that this administration and their appointees have, and that was the Third Reich in Germany in the 1930s.

If I may refresh your memory of history, Adolf Hitler's SA troops had set the Reichtag on fire after soliciting the help of a young, drunk communist party member who was known to verbalize his intention of setting fire to government buildings. The entire incident was blamed on him. The day after the fire, Hitler went public with the assertion that it was the communists who had done this evil deed. The outcome was a major rounding up and the imprisonment of communist party members.

I'd like to make another comment regarding the suppose biological terrorist manual that Harris penned. I've read that document and I can tell you in all honesty that there is not one word within that document that tells anyone how to use biological agents to kill. In fact, what that manual does is tell people how to protect themselves from a biological attack.

I would give you the URL to a web site where you could read it for yourself, only the individual who sponsored that page took it off after becoming fearful because of how the news media are playing it as a terrorists' handbook of sorts. Because of the public hysteria he witnessed, he felt it best to remove it. In addition, the FBI paid him a visit in an effort to find more damaging information against Harris, but there was none.

I suggest that you look at many news sources, not just the AP. Those who refuse to print the comments of Leavitt's attorney cannot be trusted to impart the real news. I suggest that you do not rely on only one news source to spoon feed you the news-- you'll be sorely disappointed. Please know that these are my personal thoughts.

God Bless our America!!

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