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Let Us Follow The Words of
President, Bill Clinton


The following message came to me today from a reader of this editorial column. Please carefully consider the dual-standard that some people, mostly Democrats for some reason, wish to foster here when even the President himself once said that there is no other choice but resignation for a sitting President when he lies to the American people. Read it for yourself..........

Here is what he/she had to say to me. Verbatim:

Let us follow the words of the politician who said:

Any man who lied to the American people should resign,
Any man who lies before congress should be impeached.

Those words were spoke in 1974 and according to
the Mc Locklyn group (pbs) the politician who spoke
them was Bill Clinton.

The program was broadcast Dec 18, 1998

I'd like to add one more comment to this. I lived during the Nixon impeachment discussions and ensuing resignation. Not one time that I can recall did anyone in Congress fully consider my opinion on the matter. In fact, I don't recall public opinion being so critical that any of us claimed that we were witnessing a coup d'etat in progress, as Rep. John Conyers of Michigan said. Let's be real about all of this :-).

Sit tight, the Senate hearings will begin shortly, and don't forget, it is God Almighty who institutes administrators and not men. It will be God who removes him if he is found guilty of perjury and osbtruction of justice, as charged by the House of Representatives. Don't believe everything you hear on TV, radio and newspapers; and remember the old adage that one of your past school teachers taught you: "If the crowd goes left, then you had better head right.":

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