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Abortion Stops A Beating Heart
And it Reduces The Number of Tax Payers


It's been 26 years since abortions were made legal through Roe v. Wade. January 22nd marked that anniversary. This landmark Supreme Court decision stated that a state cannot prevent a woman from having an abortion. At that time, it was only during the first 3 months of pregnancy that she could do this, but that was recently expanded.

Just how many Innocents have perished since that time?

"Over 38 million babies (or "fetuses," a grammatically-incorrect Latin word which means "babies") have been murdered in America alone since 1973," said Rod D. Martin, Executive Director, Eagle Forum of Arkansas. "That is more than six times the number of Jews slaughtered by Hitler. And amazingly, as the partial-birth abortion debate has made clear, America's abortuaries have killed their victims, on the whole, in more cruel and painful ways than did most of Hitler's camps."

Okay, so when does LIFE begin? Do we really know? Have you considered this question? Many of us are willing to take the word of others, people who would probably sell their very own mothers if they could realize enough profit from the sale.

Have you given it any serious thought? I have.

Twenty six years ago, in the blink of an eye, society went from back-room hacks and illegal procedures to hospitals and clinics that rid the world of 1.3 million Innocents each year. Doctors, the men and women who take an oath to save lives, not to take them needlessly, have made a handsome business out of killing the life that lives within a woman--about US$1,300 per abortion. (Gee, I wonder how many they knock out in a day?)

If you're a baby-boomer, as I am, you now know why we may not recoup the investment we now have in the Social Security system. Simply put, there won't be enough working people to pay the bill!! After all, many of this country's future tax payers are no longer among the living. They were deceased long before their time.

Am I angry with people who take it upon themselves to decide the future of these, I mean their little Innocents? No, I once was married to a women who, early in her life, made this mistake (and she grieved over it everyday since that time). But, I am disgusted in the selfishness and lack of responsiblity of those who resort to this tactic to escape the chore of child rearing.

I am disgusted because so many people think nothing of taking the EASY WAY OUT. I'm disgusted because so many people fail to see what they are really doing. When I hold my grandchildren, I thank God that my daughters toughed it out, stayed the course, which wasn't easy for them at the time. They showed strength, courage and common sense, and I'm sure that God approves of that. No doubt, having children is a life-long task--just ask me, I know that first hand.

Yes, a woman has a choice to what she does with the little one in her tummy. She always has had a choice. But, so does a man armed with a knife, ball bat or a gun. He can elect to use them for the purpose to which they were intended, or he can use them against another human being . A man with a bottle of liquor in his hand also has the choice of whether he takes that first drink or he puts the bottle away for another day. Also, a judge has the choice of sentencing a convicted murderer to life or to death--it's his call.

Each one of these individuals has a CHOICE, no less a woman with child. If the man with a weapon, the alcoholic, or a woman with child makes the right choice, they go home a winner, proud of their effort and happy for what they did. But, if they make the wrong decision, some one may not go home at the end of the day. Far too many young women go through an abortion at the recomendation of others--later to find that it has profoundly effected their lives in a very negative way.

Please know that there is another alternative: ADOPTION.

I'm no stranger to the adoption process. One of my daughters adopted two of her four children to well screened, loving couples. She kept the first and fourth, a little man and little woman, and they have been a source of enjoyment and pride to their grandfather (ME :-). She gave the second and third ones up for adoption.

If money is a problem, and if abortion seems like the cheap way out, rest assure that it is. But, that cheap way out will cost you or your friend more in money and self respect than adoption. In reality, it's the adopting couple that usually pays all the doctor and hospital bills. The cost of an abortion is about US$1,300. Don't you owe it to yourself or your friend to find out more about adoption?

Isn't that a more positive alternative to a pregnancy? If you or someone you know is considering abortion, please go that extra mile and GET ALL THE FACTS! Call the following group of loving people for help. They can direct you to a local group who can lend you a hand with your situation. Contact: Care Net, 109 Carpenter Dr., Suite 100, Sterling, Va. 20164, phone 703-478-5661, or on the World Wide Web: Or, check out the prolife web site at

Remember, Abortion Stops A Beating Heart!

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