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And Here's the CFR

By Barry Chamish

The CFR is out of the closet! Remember the date, July 17/98 and the place, the editorial page of the Jerusalem Post. For in that place in time, Henry Siegman, who according to the Post is "a senior fellow at the Council On Foreign Relations in New York" threatened Israel with extinction if she doesn't obey American (CFR) wishes and dictates.

The article begins with the thesis that PM Netanyahu's offer of a 13.1% withdrawal from territory in return for the PLO living up to its signed commitments is a "tactic Netanyahu has resorted to repeatedly to camouflage his own government's violations of reciprocity..." In other words, the facts that the PLO has not changed its charter to eliminate clauses calling for Israel's violent destruction, nor extradited murderers of Israelis, but has added 40,000 more "policemen" than permitted etc. etc. should be ignored, or best of all, forgiven because Israel is violating the accords by not giving in until the PLO lives up to its bargain.

Let's skip the rest of this stupid analyses and get to the threats of what the CFR will arrange unless Israelis do what they are told.

Apocalypse will come in May 1999, when the dealine for the Oslo accord is reached. What will follow is "a sudden downward spiral that will return the region to the conflict and violence that characterized it for nearly half a century."

And who will be to blame? Why Netanyahu, of course. Quoting Haaretz, Herr Siegman warns that the situation is similar to the days prior to the CFR-ignited Yom Kippur War (See Kissinger, Henry- Yom Kippur War, in my previous articles), which was "a disaster brought on by a diplomatic freeze, boastful self-confidence, contempt for the Arab adversary and a nation which followed its leaders into destructive apathy."

This time, the war planned for Israel will be much uglier "Given the imminent proliferation of missiles and weapons of mass destruction." And once Israel is turned to rubble, "Israelis will have no one to blame but themselves."

But there is a way out. Israel is a democracy and thus he "Knesset can oust the prime minister." And now in the final paragraph the dire threat if Netanyahu isn't removed from office:

"They have not done so, and will therefore have few claims on others in dealing with the failure's consequences. You cannot repudiate US diplomatc efforts in the name of Israeli democracy, and then demand that the US intervene in the conflict triggered by that repudiation in order to save the Middle East's 'only democracy.'"

There you have it, folks. From the pen of Henry Siegman, the head of the notorious CFR Task Force of July 1997, which demanded Israel's withdrawal to its 1948 borders everywhere, including in Jerusalem. Democracy can just go suck eggs. If you don't tow the line, get prepared for the end and don't expect us to bail you out.

I had prevously considered that since Netanyahu was groomed by the CFR, that he was in their pockets. After Seigman's rant against him, I now acknowledge that he is in the midst of a deadly tumble with his former bosses and will need all the support we can muster to insure his victory against utter evil.

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