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Okay Monica, But
What About Ron Brown?

Someone suggested that the Clinton-Lowinsky fiasco
was engineered. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Okay, Monica had her day on TV with Barbara Walters, but what about Ron Brown? If you will recall, two military pathologists had just come forward, telling the world that Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown had a hole in the top of his head, apparently made from a .45 cal. slug.

I can still recall vividly the events just prior to the Lewinsky affair. Several medical experts came forward, some supporting the two pathologists who had placed their military careers on the line to make this information public. They maintained that they were one of the first to see Ron Brown. They suspected up front that the hole in Secretary of Commerce Brown's head was similar to that made by a .45 cal. slug.

However, the official report on Brown's death counters the military pathologists' assumption. If not a .45 cal. bullet, then how else? There was talk of a member within the wreckage causing this puncture. Some experts, however, said that the wound was too clean, not at all typical of a wound inflicted by a blunt instrument, as suggested. Others supported the official findings.

The reason I bring this up is that when the Clinton-Lewinsky affair hit the airways, the Brown controversy disappeared--entirely! There was no more mention of it on television. It was almost like it had never happened, and the media was working full tilt exposing the sexual affair of this President and the young, White House Intern.

After the Clinton-Lewinsky affair was well on its way, rumor had it that the two military pathologists were quieted by a court order and the threat of a military court-martial if they said anything more. The only thing I heard afterward was that the black caucus had demanded a full investigation into the allegation.

So what's the verdict on the Brown allegation? Anyone know?

[Note (18 March 1999): Received an anonymous comment regarding Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown's death. To read it, click HERE

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