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By now you know that there's been another school shooting, this time in Georgia. A 15-year-old male student with a .22 cal. weapon injured other students. Thankfully, no one was killed. There's been a record number of bomb threats and other violent acts at schools throughout this nation--and all within 30 days of the Columbine Senior High School Tragedy.

Students, please behave yourselves, or you could lose the right to defend yourselves in the 21st Century. You know the difference between Right and Wrong. You are shoveling fuel on a political fire lit by anti-gun advocates and, even more alarmingly, those who believe that guns have outlived their useful purpose and now need to be removed from civilians--oops, I mean Society.

Students, those of you who perpetuate violence and threats against your fellow students and your teachers; you are providing the ammunition that certain special interest groups, and, more importantly, Internationalists need to ultimately Disarm America, just as they have already done in other countries!

For over 200 years guns have been a mainstay in the United States. For two centuries the citizens of this country have had the means at their disposal to defend themselves from threats both domestic and foreign. Now, in part with your help, all of that is about to be undone.

"Too melodramatic," you say?

The watch phrase is: Agendas within agendas. Many of the common folks who work so hard to persuade Congress to enact more gun control laws have no intention of ridding America of citizen-owned guns. I also believe that many of these individuals actually realize the overall benefit to society because of this 2nd Amendment right. However, there is little doubt that key political figures are heaping coals on the fires that fuel the cause of total gun elimination.

Who is it that's working so hard to manipulate the emotions and beliefs of a majority of Americans? I believe that the main impetus comes by way of a large group of Internationalists who have the money and know how to push this agenda. Thus, the average person in the trenches, as honest as they may be, is busy working to achieve an agenda they most likely know nothing about.

Children, please behave yourselves before you ultimately lose the right to defend yourselves in the 21st Century. When that right is gone, you will have no means at your disposal to defend yourself from internal and external threats. For general, personal protection, you will be totally at the mercy of law enforcement and your government.

Is this the kind of world that you wish to inherit when your mothers and fathers are gone? Forget what you see on the tube for a minute and think about "human nature." Do you really want to live in a world where the criminal is armed and you legally cannot possess a comparable means by which to defend yourself?

I hope and trust that you will make the right decision.

Respectfully Yours,

Allan B. Colombo

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