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A Page From Al's Diary, May 22, 1999

I was at [a sale] today and a book caught my eye. It is called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Although the story itself is revealing in terms of predictions, the forward, probably written much later in Mr. Huxley's life, was extremely informative. One only has to read Huxley's forward to realize that those who are orchestrating this current political, global plan must have borrowed from [his work].

At times I wondered if those who manipulate and attempt to subjugate others may not actually be getting their ideas from intellectuals like Huxley. It is plain to read that Aldous does not believe that the future he's written of is good, and yet there are many elements in his commentary that those in hidden [seats of] power, as well as others more openly [involved], have borrowed from.

For example, Aldous mentions the preferred use of silence on certain issues as being more effective in the long term than directly engaging those who publically counter them.

I've also found elements of Tom Slick's book, Permanent Peace in popular use today in the area of disarmament. Documents from the early 1960s indicate a close resemblance to Slick's discussion on how the world's militarys would be reduced to numbers sufficient for domestic [policing], and how the citizens of each country would eventually be disarmed. Slick's book was published in 1958. Close in methodology and close in time.

Many of the terminologies found in Slick's book have also come to popular use, such as U.N. International Police Force. Whether Slick or Huxley ignited the fire and provided the ultimate blueprint is not known [by me], but one thing is for sure, the plan we now see unfolding before us is certainly anything but new.


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