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23 December 2001

Greetings. In response to the 22nd commentary (FREEDOM IS NOT FREE), a good number of years ago, Ron Paul, who I believe is a "maverick" congressman out of Texas, Libertarian party had an expose' on gov't plan to replace ALL money in circulation. At this time, it was speculated that some sort of *nat'l emergcy* would be required to implement this changeover.

The new money . . . . was hyped, saying it would prevent money laundering, tax evasion, almost impossible to counterfeit, etc. This new money was 3-dimensional, i.e., it had raised engraving, etc. Much more sinister, it had metalic filaments and magnetic particles, like computer diskette, so that banks could mark and trace it. In other words, it left a "trail." In addition, were one to go thru a metal airport mag detector, or X-ray scanner with currency in a briefcase, it would stand out like a flag pole in the desert. Haven't hrd much about this subj lately, but no doubt for sure, it is waiting in the wings, just for the right (perhaps manufactured) crisis to be implemented.

What ever happened to . . . "Gov't of the people, for the people, by the people?" Or did such a noble concept ever exist?

Good luck in your job search!

Mike Rondelli, Editor

From what I recollect, the new design was implemented some years ago, as far as I am aware. A number of years ago, mid to late 90's I believe, the federal government equipped certain bills with new security features. This included microprinting and metal fibers within the bills fabric. From my understanding, banks either already have or will have the ability to date such currency, which will allow them to devalue cash according to the length of time that it remains out of their immediate care. If I'm not mistaken, the Congress did not buy into this and declined to allow banks to do this. Perhaps I'm just a tad bit ahead of things here? I'd have to do some digging on this.

Regarding the loss of my job. I grieve more for those who do not understand the full meaning of Chapter 13 of St. John's Revelation. I know you are not especially a religious man, Mike; but I also know you well enough to say that you would not want to be enslaved to any monopoly that seeks to further the monetary gain of a select few at your own expense. Well, the established banking cartel in power today is working very hard to do just that. Today's cashless system IS without a doubt part of the Beast--simply because unless you have a checking account, it is becoming harder day by day to buy or sell. The only thing missing is the "Mark," and it's already been invented and manufactured in preparation for the coming day when it will be imposed on mankind.

The cash must go simply because if one should choose to do so, he/she could exist on cash alone, at least for now. In order to exert maximum control over all men, however, the banking community must find a way to make all the hard cash go away. This will then force every single person to be part of the financial system to which the Beast is a part.

Frankly, from the earliest age, I always saw THE BEAST as being a massive computer system to which mankind is enslaved. Since then I've come to realize that it will likely be that and more. It took me until 1985 to buy my first TRS80 Radio Shack computer. Are we not miles ahead of that, today?

It is almost certain that ignorant men are now, at this very moment, working on a biological-based computer processing system that will marry to conventional networks. Up until now, Satan has been forced to possess or influence men in order to enact his evil plans and schemes. He possesses a human being by connecting to the neural networks of their bodies. Now, once this biological abomination is put into motion, he will be able to directly connect to the financial world, thus gaining direct control over mankind in ways never before dreampt of.

Mike, if we cannot draw the line at the brink of Direct Deposit, then you can bet that we will not be capable of drawing that line at the point of decision regarding the Mark of the Beast. For those who disbelieve--I want you remember St. John's own words: 16 The beast forced all men, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed [in] their right hands and [in] their foreheads. 17 No one could buy or sell unless he had this mark, that is, the beast's name or the number that stands for the name. (Revelation 13:16,17)

Where I worked, one of our other managers complained about the mandatory direct deposit policy. From what I was told, the owner then promply walked him out to the front door and opened it for him, telling him that if he did not want to comply, he could leave and get another job. I did not argue with the man, whom I considered a good friend besides my superior. I just explained why I could not comply and that was that.

I am considering self employment. I will, of course, continue to write in the electronic security field, so I may further develop this aspect of my work. The future is, of course, unclear to me now, but you can bet on one thing, the Lord will provide. I will trust in Him for direction and for support. I will also be looking for writing opportunities along the way. I am a survivor.

Before I close, I would like to say that I do not see this recent development as a defeat. Instead, I see it as a success. It is never easy to give up a sure thing for something unsure. But, indeed, the one thing that we can be sure of is that the Lord will provide and sustain those who follow His lead.

Mike, as well as everyone else who have responded to my commentary of 23 December, I thank you very much for the concern and the prayers.

Al Colombo

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