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Abuse of Power
-8 December 2003

By Al Colombo
GKO Publisher

Greetings fellow travelers, and welcome to my view on the abuse of power so often perpetuated against citizens here and abroad. Unfortunately, when positions of importance in government, occupied by individuals who are less then honorable-those without integrity, ethics; often lacking morals and good judgment, honest citizens are made to suffer. I, myself, have never experienced this, but others have. Of course, the tendency here for those of us who have never been placed in this position is to dismiss it without serious consideration. But, if we were to seriously consider such allegations, most of us, being honest and moral, would feel an obligation to act for the better good of humanity.

None of us would like to believe that there exist human beings in government positions whom act as animals at a feeding trough, but we all know they are out there. Has it been so long since our public education in the primary grades that we could possibly forget coming into contact with some of those future power brokers? Do you not recall the big, lazy kids with terrible smiles who paraded throughout the hallways and outside on the playground, pushing and shoving, barking insults and commands as they gleefully took from others what their mommies and daddies lovingly had given them before sending them to school?

Am I angry at those bullies? No, I am not. Those lessons proved invaluable for me as I learned to deal with those mentally deficient goons. However, some of them have obviously grown up to take their bullydom to much higher levels in government. Some of them occupy positions of enforcement, such as police officers in local and state government, while others pushed on to more exciting careers in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; and others. Other of our playground bullies has gone on into politics. I might add that these maggots represent a relatively small portion of government. Thank heavens that there are more good folks in powerful positions than those that are bad.

Again, I have not as yet run directly into the waiting arms of any such person, since my playground experiences, but others have, such as Rocco Galati, a Canadian lawyer who "was" involved in defending certain individuals accused of terrorism. According to Galati, he received a death threat because of his position in the case.

"Galati said that he would no longer represent about a half dozen accused 'terrorists'. The death threat, left on his answering machine said Galati was a 'dead wop' for defending Abdulrahman Khadr, 'a punk terrorist'," said Henry Makow Ph.D., author of Complacent Canadians Forfeit Their Freedom, December 7th, 2003,

Galati alleges that the threats came from a Canadian government agency called the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), whom he has been successful in defending against in prior cases, according to Makow.

So, why is GKO interested in the Galati case in Canada? The answer to that is simple. To begin that answer, first allow me to ask you a question. Let us say you have two barrels of apples on your back porch. In one barrel there are several bad apples at the bottom of the heap, whereas within the other barrel there are several bad apples at the top. In which barrel do you suppose the rot will travel the fastest, contaminating the other apples? My answer to that is "the barrel where the bad apples are on top."

Although this is not an answer derived by science, it is an answer based on common sense. Thus, in government, you have the same possibilities. When there are a few bad apples at the bottom, in local government, for example, the rot rarely travels upward to reach national or international governmental positions. However, when there are a few bad apples at the top of national or international government, that rot will quickly extend itself downward into state and local governmental positions. Why? Because misery loves company I suppose, but also to extend the power base and reach of those rotten apples at the top.

I suggest that you read the Galati case and judge for yourself whether the Canadian government has a few bad apples in the CSIS ( Then, consider the possibility that this very same rot, if Galati's allegations are correct, is an extension of power from beneath or from above that position. In addition, if you look further up the chain of command, perhaps this is an extension of rot from even further above, perhaps from some one or more internationalist individuals and/or groups.

Very soon GKO will be launching a new department called "The Un-American Americans," in which we will ask our readers to nominate individuals and organizations for membership. You will be asked to provide some degree of proof, such as newspaper articles, web stories, etc., and we will consider each submitted. In the mean time, won't you please send us articles you find on the Internet, as well as magazine and newspaper clippings concerning such un-American activities? Other examples include, but are not limited to judges who make un-American rulings, city council members who propose communistic ordinances, and State legislators who work to initiate un-American laws. To send us any of the above, please refer to our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thank you.

In the mean time, please read Makow's story on Galati's alleged problems with the CSIS in Canada:, one of many associates of GKO.

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