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Using Our Childhood Sins Against Us
28 November 2001

Parents, there are two reports I want you to read that just came to me through e-mail. The reason I mention this at all relates to many parent's eventual disregard for their children's best interests when they place them on drugs to control them for apparent ADD, ADHD, and other reasons. I may appear to be stretching things a bit, but I don't think I'm being unreasonable in the least.

The first report:

Please post far and wide.

Federal agents have served a search warrant on KSM Commander Charlie Puckett this afternoon.

The last word was that agents are still at his Garrard County home.

That is all we really know.

This is not a time to spread rumors or do stupid things.

Someone just called and told me he had heard there was a standoff.

As far as I know there is no standoff. I am assuming they are already in the house.

One person who approached the home earlier this afternoon, was told to come back in a couple of hours. He told the agents he was going down to the river to go fishing. The road to Charlie's house is a dead end at the Kentucky River.

Barry Bright

The second report is the most revealing. Keep in mind that a couple of years ago, and this does not at all relate to officers of the ACM (American Citizen Militia), the VA (Veteran Affairs) issued a memo to their medical centers ordering them to provide the names of all veterans who are classified as incompetent to the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). Why? Because for a long time it was written into law that anyone disabled and collecting federal money cannot legally own a firearm. Not even this nation's veterans.

It was assumed that federal authorities did not act on that law for many, many years simply because they were holding it as an ace card for use in rare cases where needed. Now, they've decided to use it. The same will hold true for your children... anyway, here is the second post I just received (I will have a comment or two afterward to explain why I've brought this to your attention):


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 21:14:24 EST
Subject: Re: Federal Warrant served on KSM Commander Charlie Puckett

I just got off the phone with Charlie. The BATF is scraping the bottom of the barrel. They dug up some dirt from his past (a childhood indiscretion in 1966 - two years before the GCA of 1968) and they are trying to call him a felon in possession of firearms.

He was convicted of a misdemeanor in 1966 for a crime that was later upgraded to a felony. Charlie was convicted of a misdemeanor, not a felony.

They spent 7 hours at his residence (10am-5pm) they took all of his firearms and the hard drive from his computer.

He is not taking this lying down, he has every intention of fighting this tooth and nail using all methods necessary.

The bottom line is this. If your child has ever been treated for a psychological condition, he will someday be branded as being unstable, mentally ill, etc., and he or she WILL be considered a poor risk for gun ownership. In other words, he/she will never be able to purchase a gun for self protection. He/she will never be able to enter the military or law enforcement for any position other than a paperclip clipper.

Perhaps one of the things that caught my attention early on when I began this effort to bring folks back to basic American values was the fact that the U.S. Government suddenly did not seem to trust its own people. This is just one proof that you can take to the bank that proves this premise. And, I carefully submit to you that any central government that becomes so paranoid and toxic to its own people must have a very good reason not to trust them. Since there are so many citizens and (at one time) so little government, who do you think is at fault here? Perhaps a central government who puts itself in this position is hiding something? Just a thought.

Where I StandIn closing, please think twice before you decide to place your kids on some kind of mind altering drugs to control them. Remember, almost all if not all of the children who have done these school house shootings were on some kind of mind-altering, action-controlling drug.

Think back... this is not the American way.

If drugs is not the American way, then what is it? How about a mind-altering, action-controlling way? Hey, no one lied on that account did they? So, the moral of this story is, "please, please think twice about the long-range affect on your children's lives before you cave in when one of their teachers pushes you to place your little Johnny or Jane on Ritalin."

Al Colombo

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