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With Whom Do You Confide?
10 November 2003

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An intelligent man confides in the kinship of the soul, rather than in that of the blood.

Letter VII, 334 (243)

The point is that of trust in self, the communion between ourselves and that of our highest most being. The submission to that which we neither see, nor touch; and that it can, and will, operate for our betterment if we but relax, trust, and allow it.

To lay upon the pad, to relax, to communicate with one's highest most being--energy and vibration supreme, and wonderment of all within and without. Oh, to be filled with words, to understand the utter sense of all. To ponder and wonder about, at will; to give of one's self though never to find a return, this is the nature of the man who cares.

Al Colombo
Diary #35
(8/24/80, pp.11)

NOTE: Since writing the above in 1980, at the age of 30, I have discovered that our Father, Creator, Lord commonly communicates in a very real way with our conscious mind through the inner man. However, knowing the difference between the voice of God and that of our inner man is not an easy task. It requires years of constant attention and study. But more than that, it requires continued, contant journeys into the inner most recesses of our soul. In a word, it requires the steady practice of deep prayer and meditation.
Al Colombo (08 Nov 03)

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