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08 November 2003

Al Colombo, diary
11/23/01 Friday

I can still recall when Gorbachev and Ronald Ragan worked together to democratize the Soviet Union. It was largely through Gorbachev's efforts that the wall came down and that the Cold War came to an end-at least on paper. [we must not forget Ragan's tremendous effort to spend the Soviet's under the table militarily]

At the time I considered the idea of a unified U.S.-U.S.S.R., under a single leadership. Yes, these thoughts precariously found their way into my mind and I saw a bright future for all through the integration of the world's political powers. If this thought came to me, I am reasonably sure that it occurred to many others, indeed.

The overwhelming question, however, is this, how did this idea get there? There must have been an overwhelming and compelling message given through the media that would lead the human mind to this conclusion. No, the message may not have been straight forward, but more a matter of deduction through a series of concepts and half truths and facts projected at the time through network news programs and the like.

The underlying issue associated with television programming is that all too often there is nothing you can point at to account for a final and lasting understanding of a particular thing, simply because the deduction was your own. The deceptive aspect of all this is, however, that those responsible for the programming repeatedly provide a series of clips and sound bytes that, after watching and listening, invariably lead all but the absolute brain dead to a given conclusion-a conclusion never spoken, but nevertheless highly and skillfully planned for.

Concerning my banterings about the failing Soviet, Communist system, it simply does not matter for it was never intended that mankind be subjected to socialism. The proof of this statement can be found in the fact that it is the agenda of the elite to merge the two societies of the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. (as revealed by Norman Dodd, former Congressional Investigator for the U.S. Congress in 1954). But, that fact also brings the realization that it was never their intention that we live as we h ave, as free men. The two societies are but destined to meet somewhere in the middle, and the middle ground will be anything but free. Hence, my past statement that neither side will receive what it believes it wants. Tragedy will result-for all concerned.

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