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Use Of Poisonous Gas Is
Only For Mil Ops

28 October 2002

MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- The 115 hostages killed in the raid that ended a three-day Moscow theatre standoff died of health problems stemming from the gas used, the city's chief doctor has said. (And yet Russia refuses to give the name of the deadly gas that they used.)CNN news
Gas killed 115 Moscow hostages
October 27, 2002

According to NPR (National Public Radio), the Bush administration has gone on record saying that they APPROVE of what the Russian government did; that the U.S. gov't APPROVES of their tactic using this gas to bring the hostage situation to a rapid close.

Perhaps this is an indication of things to come in America? Have we forgotten the Dividians where innocent children and civilian adults died because a gov't official believed it necessary to bring the event to a halt? Have we forgotten the gov't military tanks that rolled over them? Have we forgotten the frightening correlation to that of the dissenting Chinese who died as tanks rolled over their frail bodies?

The use of poisonous gas under any circumstances, especially where innocent hostages are held, is not acceptable to any reasonable, God-fearing person--other than in military operations, and then civilians MUST be considered. What does this tell us about the present administration in the White House?

How many of us are still slumbering out there?

Al Colombo

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