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10 October 2003

If there is to truly be a New Order invoked across the world, the Old Order must be totally eradicated and torn from existence on Earth. In order to do this, the powerhouses behind the plan will have to destroy significant aspects of society, such as our ability to grow food in the U.S., our religious convictions, our sense of historic pride as Americans, and our economy.

When the war in Iraq began, I theorized that the game plan afoot was to attack our economy by overtaxing it. This could be done in two phases, perhaps more, but on the immediate side, simply by overtaxing our cash in the rebuilding of Iraq. Thus, no one will step up to the plate to assist. Not only that, by refusing to step up and help financially, the international community further asserts the validity and legal precedence of United Nations sovereignty in such matters.

Last but not least, the American people will be held liable for an unjustified war, which will mean reparations to be paid. All of this will cause America to go bankrupt. You and I will become as any other citizen in a third world or developing nation that has been bought and paid for by others (we've done it time and again, no?). We will be stuck working for whatever they decide to pay us. A portion of that reparations money will also go toward operations at the U.N., whom has been working furiously to find a way to directly tax the American taxpayer for years anyway.

Of course, this author is hopeful that he is wrong. Watch and wait, I always say.

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Al Colombo, publisher
Giant Killer Organization

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