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16 September 2001

Do you dream? According to a brief article in the October 2001 issue of Popular Science, if you are a Conservative, you dream a lot, compared to liberals. In fact, according to the article, Nightmares Haunt GOP, you have more nightmares than the liberals among usóand scientists want to know why.

"In a pilot study, [Kelly Bulkeley, Santa Clara University] found that Conservative Republicans have almost three times as many nightmares as liberal Democrats."

According to the article, there are several possibilities:

  1. Conservatives are in a state of inner conflict,
  2. Conservatives are more paranoid,
  3. Conservatives may be aware of dangers that the Liberals do not perceive.

Why am I telling you this? Because, as a conservative, I, personally, fit the mold described in the previous paragraph. It was perhaps, in part, due to my own dream life in the 1980ís and early 1990ís that, as a Left-leaning person, I made a 180o turn around, eventually becoming the Conservative you now see before you. The question is, did I make that turn simply because I was paranoid and in a state of inner conflict, or did I make that abrupt turn because I was given ample warnings in the form of dreams over a period of time? In essence, itís the age-old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg.

"Dreaming is generally defined as imaginal, sensory, motor, and thought processes occurring during sleep. Neither sleep nor dreaming, however, can be precisely defined" (1993 Grolier Electronic Publishing Inc.).

I bring all of this up to you because, as of late, my dreams have taken a sudden turn. Having talked to professionals many, many years ago, concerning my dream life, none of them could fully explain what it is that I am experiencing. According to them, my dreams are far more detailed (color, smells, physical sensations), the level of conscious demonstrated within them, and the extended amount of such dreams that I can recite in the waking state, are far more in excess than the average person. (Why me?)

With that said, it is not my purpose to diagnose my own dream life in public, only to explain to the reader some of the recent changes that have taken place within it. Why is this important to do? Honestly, I donít have a clue, other than I need to do it. Perhaps it will mean something to a particular person who reads www.GiantKillers.Org. Perhaps itís more a matter of each person who reads it to make up his or her own mind as to what this OpEd means to them.


A few weeks ago, before the terrible event that took place in NYC, I had a dream about a snake that I found in a house. After several attempts to snag the "little" fellow, using a thick glove, I finally caught him. I was suddenly alarmed by the fact that his jaws had the appearance of a snake with fangs. Also, the "little fellow" had suddenly grown longer than I had first thought. He was also more violent, shaking in an attempt to penetrate the thick material of the glove. I took inventory of my fingers. No, he hadnít bitten all the way through, but I could feel the tip of one fang almost protruding through the cloth. Also, now I could see red markings on the back of the head area.

Suddenly, he let go and I no longer had a hold on him. In pursuit, I, without the benefit of the gloves, made an attempt to grab him. There were children in the house (neither of which do I know of in real life) and I worried that he would pose a threat to them, so I knew it was now. Grabbing the serpent by the area before the head, I was worried that he might turn and bite me, so I quickly slid my fingers further up his slimy body to the area just before the head. I grabbed him with all my might as he tried to turn on me. He shook violently to get free. I could now clearly see bright red markings on an ever widening area just before his head. He was huge and difficult to hold. I had someone open the door and I threw the brute out on the lawn and slammed the door behind him.

I had been victorious and I felt elated when I awoke. Later that day, I called a dear friend who has spent considerable time in the Philippines. He told me that it would be interpreted in that country as follows: I am about to face a terrible threat, but although that threat will narrowly take me down, I will rein victorious with much effort, determination, and will power.


Two nights ago, several days after the World Trade Center disaster, I had a dream where someone in my household, who had answered the door, told me there was a delivery for me (a house and household I do not know of in real life). Making my way to the UPS man with the package, I knew it was books that I had ordered (I had not ordered any in real life). Opening the package, there was a stack of small books, all of them black. Each one was wrapped in clear, transparent cellophane.

Taking one of the packaged booklets in hand, I turned it over so I could see the title on the front cover. It was an all-black cover with the words, printed in all white caps, DOOMS DAY. It was then that I woke up. Needless to say, that got my attention and I wrote it down in my daily journal.

The third dream that I intend to tell you about just occurred this morning, Sunday, September 16, 2001. I, and a close friend, were attempting to escape from a group of people and we were in a large compound inside a huge building with very, very high fences throughout. It was very dark and we were suspended in mid air, as if able to fly (a common occurrence for many in their dream lives).

Looking across the building, we could see that there was a slight space between the roof and the top of the fence. It was wide enough to escape over it. He expressed doubt that he could make the necessary height to reach the opening. I was more optimistic, telling him that it CAN be done, but you have to believe that you can do it. We moved quickly toward the other end, and at a high rate of speed, and it soon became apparent to me that he was rightówe were not going to make the extreme height necessary to clear the top of the fence. But, in my world there is no such thing as "canít."

I still was encouraged, and I passed that encouragement on to him the best I could. However, his doubt spoke more loudly to his troubled mind than my words of encouragement and passion. He soon was much lower than I and he gave up quickly and was captured below. I hit the fence slightly low of the mark, but I did not give up. I, being ever so close, managed to climb the remainder of the distance to freedom, but not without much determination and conscious will power.


So, what do I believe all of this means? It is my personal opinion that it means that, as a person, and as a member of society, I (we) will suffer much hardship in the coming weeks, months, years. Although the odds may seem to be against us, and as Lucifer speaks fear and terror silently to our minds and hearts, we must instead focus on what we know is right, true, and attainable.

Please remember, itís not the tools that make the worker, itís the worker who makes the tools. So, whether we have ample armament, whether we are in the best of physical fitness, whether we are adequately trained to fight on the battlefield, those who are determined to win will win. A good example of this is Russia, who spent every bit of 10 years fighting the Afghans on their own turf. If you will recall, they failed to win the conflict, despite the fact that they were militarily superior in every respect. The Afghans had something that the Russians didnít:

The Afghans had the will to fight and win at ALL COST! And they did. The scary part of all this is that the terrorist that authorities claim is most likely to have had a hand in the WTC disaster was one of many who won the Afgan conflict. However, we must not listen to the small but powerful voice of Doubt and Terror within our own minds because, not only does Osama bin Laden thrive on our fears, so does our eternal enemy, Lucifer. This is important to remember as the many events described by St. John in his famous writings, Revelation, continues to unfold before our eyes in the weeks, months, and, hopefully, years to come.

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