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The Continued Wrong
Perpetuated Against Joseph McCarthy

14 September 2003

Did McCarthy Have It Right?
(the facts suggest that he did)

As many of our Giant Killers Org readers know, this writer has said time and again that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right on the money when he made allegations of infiltration into the State Department by sovient agents. However, where McCarthy claimed there were 205 soviet operatives in the State Department, there were, in fact more than 250, according to Major General Olig Kalugin, former KGB counter intelligence head. I've provided information on Kalugin's shocking statements on Washington Journal some years ago as well as McCarthy's speech to the Senate in February of 1950 (Click Here [this will open up a new window]).

In May of 2003, information was released for publication on NewsMax concerning McCarthy and an alleged cover up in the Justice Department. If the allegations are true, as well as the transcripts presented, it serves as a good example of what some folks in government will do to cover up the truth. As most conservatives know, the liberal ideology centers around the notion that "the intended end result justifies every and any means of reaching it."

So, without any further ado, you can read the newsmax piece on Giant Killers Org. To do this, click HERE (this will open up a new window in your browser).

(look for the McCarthy document links)

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