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WTO Talks
Kill Our Domestic Food Production?

13 September 2003

CANCUN, Mexico--U.S. trade negotiators scrambled to slavage World Trade Organization talks amid mounting opposition from poorer countries reluctant to further open their markets to imported food and industrial goods.

Poorer countries have intensified pressure on the U.S. and the DU to drop agricultural tariffs and slash domestic farm subsidies faster and deper than either power seems willing to do.

U.S. Races To Break WTO Impasse
Alliance of Poorer nations Seeks Farming
Concessions, But Officials See Fissures
SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal

When a third-worlder steps up and says that his country's primary enemy is globalization, then you need to listen. Not only is globalization the enemy of third world countries, but it is just as much an enemy to those who live within developed nations, such as the United States. This is even more true today as hard industry continues to move off shore.

For many years now, it has been the intention of third-world countries, as well as former President, Bill Clinton, that developed, industrial-based nations stop growing their own food and buy it from them.

"Speaking yesterday afternoon at Warwick University here, the president presented what the White House called a 'new development agenda for the 21st century.' His plan for an American 'response to globalization' was designed to bookend a speech he gave in Nebraska last week on foreign policy concerns.

Yesterday, he said a U.S. role was just as necessary in the area of 'development,' the diplomats' term for aid to poor nations. He called for an 'accelerated campaign against global poverty' and said the rich nations must spend more toward that goal. Among much else, he said 'the wealthiest countries should end our agricultural subsidies' and buy food instead from Third World farmers who can produce it 'more cheaply than we'."

Clinton Offers Bit of Advice
Washington Post
15 December 2000

In order to force the issue, a group of 21 third-world countries have gathered and conentrated their political force on the issue of agricultural tariff's and farm subsidies in developed countries. They have put that political power to use at the recent WTO talks in an effort to sway developed countries into the act of short circuiting their demestic agricultural community. Of course, if one is conspiratorial in their thinking, it becomes quite easy to see the political overtones associated with such an act of treason against one's nation.

For instance, if the United States were to drop our agricultural tariffs and cease to subsidize our agricultural community, food stuff from developing nations would overtake the domestic market. What that would mean is probably an end to substantial farming within the U.S., which would mean that you and I, our children and our grandchildren--our posterity, would be entirely dependent on third-world food!

Not only that, but the quality of that food will many times be lacking; and, in many cases, some of that food will be dangerous for consumption. We have seen cases of this over the past few years as globalism, like a cancer, has crept into every nook and cranny of our lives. It stands to reason that the closer the means of food production is to our mouths, the safer the product will be. However, the farther that food must travel to get to our mouths, the more chance there is for contamination and spoilage. (Does it take a rocket scientist to figure that one out?)

As to the agenda. If it were not for honest people in government we would already be eating nothing but third-world-grown food. Those who control the purse strings of the world, the chief planners and their army of illuminatists, would be very pleased if this were to come about. Why? Because it is these folks who control the third-world purse strings. In other words, he who controls the food controls YOU!

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