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Sure, when monkeys can fly!
12 September 2003

It was in mid August that I listened with amusement to a segment on NPR concerning an amendment in Germany designed to give children the right to vote from birth on.

"Iím taking a course on election law, and the professor mentioned a proposal today that I hadnít heard about before. He said thereís a movement in Germany to propose a constitutional amendment that would give children the right to vote from birth.

"I thought he was pulling our leg at first, but listen to this segment on NPR. The idea is that parents (or principal care givers) would act as proxies for children by voting on their behalf," said Micah, on an internet-based commentary service at "According to proponents, this would have two benefits. First, it would give politicians greater reason to care about family and childrenís issues. Second, in an effort to correct for Germanyís declining birth rate and rapidly aging population, it would give people greater incentive to have more children," Micah said.

So much for common sense.

Please do not believe for one moment that the same thought has not occurred to others in the United States. The question is, are children really knowledgeable enough to vote? Of course, the answer is rather simple. NO!

We must face the fact that even adults are often ignorant of the truth concerning politicians and their social ideas. So, how can we expect our children to be competent enough to make good decisions at the voting booth?

Oh, but they won't have to go to the voting booth, you say? Of course not. If the liberal farts in Germany have it their way, as well as others throughout the world, it will be their expendable parents who will do the voting for them, as proxies. Who's going to see to it that their parents vote how the children want them to? And please, don't tell me that they will drag their children along with them to keep them honest.

What this is, as most people of good intent would agree, is nothing more than an effort by the liberals to provide more fire power at the poles. We must also face that fact that, since these children receive such a liberal, socialistic education these days, it's easy to imagine teachers on the QT telling their young charges which way they need to vote this coming election at the poles.

Personally, I think they should all be shipped to the South Pole. Let them worry about the simple things of life for a time and perhaps they'll come back to society with a more realistic, sincere view.

This reminds me of the time when proponents of Wildland Corridors in the hundred plus Man In A Biospheres, which accounts for millions of acres across the U.S., sought the Congress' support in this regard. The theory was, by creating large, wide corridors of wildland habitat between each biosphere, and by placing large roads in the middle of these corridors, it would encourage migration of large-bone carnivores (like bears).

Wisely the Congress said, "Sure, we'll have to do that... when monkeys fly."

Germany's Social Security
In Trouble?

"From the point of view of paying for Germanyís welfare state, the countryís demographics - like almost all other European countriesí - hold dire prospects for the future. The age pyramid is turning into a column. Doric, Ionic or Corinthian, it doesnít matter; a system that was designed to have six or seven workers contributing for every retiree is rapidly approaching three to one and may reach one to one in a few decades. The countryís social security system cannot be financed as it is now over the long term. (This problem is being addressed from many different angles - starting working lives earlier, ending them later, getting more people into work period, adding more private provision for retirement, and beginning to encourage immigration - but itís a hard problem.)," said Doug in his comments posted on 28 August 2003, in response to a comment by Micah entitled Give Children the Right to Vote? (

Perhaps the Germans have "population control" to thank for this in part. Certainly a United Nations working for decades to decrease the birth rate can boast of success worldwide in this regard. Of course, no one but the enemy of mankind would promote such a scheme, for as the population shifts from the young to the aged, the number of active workers supporting the older generation will decrease.

According to one commentor on this particular commentary web site, "The age pyramid is turning into a column. Doric, Ionic or Corinthian, it doesnít matter; a system that was designed to have six or seven workers contributing for every retiree is rapidly approaching three to one and may reach one to one in a few decades," said Doug, as posted 28 August, 2003.

Thus, we have essentially cut our own throats so far as a valid, well funded and effective social security system is concerned. The writer names several efforts in place within Germany to offset this problem. They are 1) begin working at earlier ages, 2) ending those working lives later, 3) pushing more people into the work force as early as possible, 4) increasing the options for retirement funding, 5) and the encouragement of immigration. Sounds like the United States is following the same plan as Bush, just as Clinton before him, seeks to provide amnesty for a flood of illegal immigrants within the U.S.

Al Colombo, publisher

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