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10 September 2003

From time to time I receive mail from individuals who share ideology with either neo naziism, white supremacy, or some other such group. I suppose that some of my work on Giant Killers Org (GKO) reflects some of the ideas and convictions embraced by both of these groups. However, I feel that it is necessary to clear the air once and for all.

I, Allan B. Colombo, am not a member, nor do I wish to become a member, of the White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, or any other such organization.

My friend, the Friday the Thirteenth Anarchist, once told me, "Believe it or not, many of the supremists' hearts are in the right place. But their minds are blinded by others' intense hatred. Therefore, many of them are too weak to fight off the temptation of gang mentality."

When I founded GKO, it was my intent to project the idea that it will take all red-blooded Americans to fight the European mentality being perpetuated on society by the Clinton klan. Although all of us do not entirely agree in the full body of each other's ideology, we can agree that the Constitution and Bill of Rights have protected us in this country for more than two centuries. Why change something that works? Unfortunately, some folks in these fringe groups must have gotten the idea that I was personally aligned with their entire political platform. Let it be known, I am not.

Allan B. Colombo, publisher

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