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September 5, 2001

Early this morning, on my way to the office, I happened upon the scene of a terrible motorcycle accident. Here, a 31-year-old man--someone's son, somebody's grandson, perhaps a soon-to-grieve family's husband and father--was quite suddenly killed. From the postion of the twisted motor bike and where he layed, it was quite apparent that this poor chap's bike struck a fairly significant manhole in the road as he attempted to negotiate a nearly 90o turn.

Pondering this young man's sudden death, I was reminded of the fact that none of us know the exact moment. not even the day, when we will leave this world, our belongings, and our friends and family behind. One thing is for sure, if I had a nickel for every time I have told my daughters to drive safely, I'd be a rich man. (Okay, perhaps I exagerated just a bit.) Smilely Face

As my own daughters were growing up, especially when we lived in Chicago and they were beginning to drive, I told them over and over that every victim of every accident or crime was caught totally unaware. After all, if they had known the exact moment, even the day, wouldn't they have simply refused to get out of bed that morning? Having been involved in security and surveillance for the better part of three decades, both in the field and behind a computer in publishing, I know this well.

As I slowly drove past this man's lifeless body, I was reminded of the fact that I should try to be ready at all times for the inevitable. All of us must. After all, life in the body is only a temporary thing where life outside the body, in the spirit, is eternal.

Using simple science as we know it, we understand that energy cannot be created or destroyed--only transformed from one form to another.

The findings of Joule and others led Rudolf CLAUSIUS, a German physicist, to state in 1850 that "In any process, energy can be changed from one form to another (including heat and work), but it is never created or destroyed." This is the first law of thermodynamics.
The First Law of Thermodynamics
Norman V. Duffy
The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Thus, the energy that sparks our existence will not cease to exist when our material bodies take their last breaths and our hearts pump that last ounce of blood. You and I will continue to exist, only in another form.

The bottom line is, we share the same God. It matters not what name you and I use. Your God and my God are one and the same for there can only be one ultimate Creator, not an assortment thereof. Otherwise, this world would not be operating in near perfect order. Instead, conflict would be the rule instead of the exception.

Our God formed our likeness and attributes by instilling just the right combination of genes. To do this our parents must have been carefully chosen, not only for the genetic factor needed to form us, but also for the environmental considerations that would ultimately make us who and whatever we are.

For those who do not believe this, I can assure you that the formation of life is not as haphazard as you might like to believe. Whether you are a well known scientist or a simple person, whether you believe or disbelieve, whatever the truth is, it is. Nothing that you or I could ever say can change that. We need to seek God's reality, not try to squeeze God down to the limited size of our own.

In closing, we should always be reminded of this young man who needlessly gave his life this morning. We cannot and will not know ahead of time the where and when of our own physical deaths. However, we need to live our lives each moment in such a manner that God is pleased. Although you and I are not perfect in this life, we need to constantly be prayerful.

Last but not least, we also must consider the part that Jesus Christ played in both the final moments of His life and in the Formation of this world we now see. Although I greatly respect other religions not of the Christian faith, I do believe that God came to visit Earth in the form of a man named Jesus. Why not? Anyone who truly believes in God must also believe that He is capable of such a feat as this. For those of other faiths, please respectfully consider my words and perhaps we will continue our dialogue another day.

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