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On Multiculturalism
02 September 2002

Today's multiculturalism goes far beyond its original intent, which was to widen the understanding of the world in which we live. Today, it has made the wrong assumption, that all the foreign cultures that it totes make up this American culture. In many cases, our schools do a good job in teaching foreign culture while limiting the depth and quality of education devoted to our own "American" heritage-which is certainly an integral part of this culture. To an objective observer, however, it would appear that our American culture, because of its multicultural focus, is moving ever so quickly toward compliance with the foreign cultures that multiculturalism represents.

"Only a few historians or observers even consider the possibility that…the world and the United States are relentlessly becoming more culturally uniform, not diverse," said Russell Jacoby, author of The End of Utopia, Politics and Culture in an Age of Apathy, published by Basic Books, Perseus Books Group, Copyright 1999.

One of the things that has given multiculturalism its original credibility was that of a social premise called Pluralism. Pluralism is said to maximize the number of associations and general options available to the individual. It hinges on the premise of freedom of association, to which our Constitution adheres. Pluralism focuses on a negative freedom, meaning true freedom without state control, as oppose to positive freedom where the state expounds on freedom while instituting laws and regulations that seek to control and confine the individual. And yet, when taken to an extreme, pluralism has aided Liberals and dislocated Leftists with an amiable tool by which they have been able to divide our country while further instituting laws and regulations that seek to limit and control the individual.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with teaching American children about other countries, but not at the expense of teaching them about their own American society, which must include a truthful and honest treatment of Heritage. For example, without an understanding as to why and how Americans fought and died to divorce themselves from Britain-without an adequate understanding of the grievances held by the Colonists concerning King George's treatment of the Colonies, our children cannot fully understand our society, both past and present.

Our historians and our schoolteachers must return to integrity and truth in their treatment of American history. Anything less must be considered a sham-no less a shame, a waste of time, and political crime. As such, unbeknownst to most, this crime is politically motivated by those who do not have the best interest of our American children at heart. These unscrupulous organizations and the individuals that they comprise have sought to foster untruths and to omit key elements of history in government schools, such as the Pilgrims, the gain of religious freedoms, free association, and more, which had been omitted by government in Europe.

If you are a teacher, please consider what the true nature of multiculturalism is. Yes, I understand that there is very little you can do. I also understand that many of you, having been taught by liberal professors, may not fully understand the importance of what I have just said. However, unless we once again become a unified and joined group of individual states, our Democratic Republic form of government will be lost. Unless the federal and state governments are given less to say about, and less to do within our local government schools, our children will continue to march to a socialist drum. The final outcome will certainly be nothing less than a totalitarian state were individual rights are granted by the federal government and not God, as outlined in our Declaration of Independence and advocated by our Founding Fathers.

Remember, it's not that any one of us would have this nation become as Communist in government, but teaching our children in such a manner that fosters a socialistic view could very well have the effect of creating an acceptance to such a central government. By resignation we would accept total and centralized control over the full range of individual activities, from rearing children to the religion we practice. When this day comes, and it is certainly on its way, we will have come full circle back to the days when King George dictated policy in all these areas. If you allow them to Liberalize and Leftize our children, this will be the final outcome.

God Bless America!

Knowledge of human nature
is the beginning And end
of political education.

Henry Brooks Adams

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