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Al's View on "Conservation of Water"
26 August 2003

The "conservation" of water in a closed system does anything but provide fresh water to 1/5th of the world. And yet, we have been told over and over to conserve our fresh water for that exact reason. And yet, to conserve water in this manner could actually be considered hoarding.

So, I submit that the entire concept of water conservation is built upon a political concept. More than this, it is based upon a future plan that demands the reshaping of the mind of man. Instead of common sense, we have turned inward, embracing ideas that just fifty years ago would have been considered ignorant.

Why is it important for us to believe such wise tales told to us by the United Nations and other radical, socialist groups? Because in order to bring about their ultimate agenda, they must have our trust and an undying belief that everything before was ancient history and not relevant for today.

Using seemingly sensible issues, ones near and dear to the heart of man, they work to gain more and more control over the lives of mankind on earth. Where Jesus refused to bow to Lucifer, while communing in the desert, there are very powerful men who bowed knee. These men now serve the enemy of mankind.

This wise tale was created for the same reason that the "great" Foundations have worked so hard to wrangle control of the diplomatic arm of these United States of America... for the same reason why these same Foundations sought total and complete control over domestic and international education.

All of these things were created to capture... no, enslave the minds and hearts of man. Powerful men who seek even more power. It is not enough to control your money, now they seek to control your mind, your movements, your entire life.

Norman Dodd, former investigator for the House of Representatives in 1953, said it all when he shared the words of the president of one of the largest, most respected foundation on earth. Dodd alleged that this influential man told him, face to face, that the mandate followed by "all" the foundations came from the White House, and that this mandate was to find a peaceful way to merge the two societies of the USA and the USSR.

Most of us now alive were not old enough to remember this investigation and the ensuing ruckus that took place in the Congress because of it. Surprisingly enough, according to Dodd, the investigation was thwarted, especially the final report, by powerful members in "both" houses! However, Dodd maintained all of this to be true until the day he died.

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