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August 13, 2003

For the past two days I have endured discussion on NPR (National Public Radio) that pertains to the use of hormone treatments to aid children of short stature in their effort to become taller. I have listened to the pros and cons presented on NPR and I believe I must weigh in with my own thoughts.

Since the beginning of mankind, we have grown to understand that there are no magical formulas that regulate health and the natural properties of the human body. Since the moment of conception, at the moment when sperm meets egg, our potential--in a word, our destiny--is set.

Short children are... short. This is a fact. Tall children are... tall. This, too, is a fact. Yes, being short brings with it some difficulties in youth, as this writer can atest. However, now that I am older, my shortness, which usually includes a more youthful look, brings with it some additional advantages that I do enjoy.

When I was a child growing up, I expressed my distress over the fact that I looked younger than my years. I expressed my displeasure at being short. My father understood, as he was short as well. What he told me impressed me. He said, "Someday you will see these things as a blessing, as you will look younger than all your friends." He was right.

There are crosses to bear in life that we must suffer. Suffer them now or suffer them later, but you and I will suffer these crosses. Many of you parents who have subjected your children to all sorts of modern designer, mind-altering drugs will one day be sorry you did. There are trade offs that must be given when you change the course of nature. Do not be deceived, for many of these drug makers will say and do anything to rid you of your money. Your loss, their gain--but what about the children... your children?

Al Colombo

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