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Human Life & Death
The Ultimate In Virtual Reality

22 July 2001

In a real sense, this life could be referred to as the "Ultimate in Virtual Reality" because the only means by which any of us are able to interface with the material world is through the senses of the body. In a word, and in a real sense, we are not really here at all, only plugged into this dimension through the body, which is here on location. Without the material body, we may be able to perceive events herein, but we could never effect material objects within this dimension.

Human Life & Death, The Ultimate In Virtual RealitySo where are we, really, if we're not here, within this material reality? It is my belief that we are actually within an alternate dimension; after all, there are eleven (11) of them we are now told by scientists. And, although the spiritual, immortal body is not of the same material content as the one with which we navigate this world, we are told through Eastern teachings that it, too, has substance, although the atomic structure is said to be far less dense than our material bodies. This would account for our present inability to detect this type of matter; and perhaps, what we refer to as "spirit" is none other than what we also refer to as "Dark Matter."

Of course, this author is not a scientist and cannot say this with any certainty. But, the one thing I can attest to is the fact that our true nature is "spirit" and not "material," for as one who has had a "near death experience" (NDE), I have seen this realm while in the conscious state. It matters not whether science can measure it or not, for I've been there and witnessed it first hand for myself.

Editor's Note: All those who disbelieve simply because you have not yet experienced the spiritual world that many call the Astral, you have my sympathy. No, not because you have yet to experience this, for such an experience comes at no request of our own, but rather because of your narrow-mindedness. Perhaps more so because of your lack of faith in a power higher than yourself, in the existence of things that you cannot see with your material eyes, as well as the high degree of vanity that must accompany such a narrow attitude.

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