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Another one of my faithful readers (they're still out there, honest :-) had a few words to say about Congress' recent decision to create an oversight committee to keep a wary eye on the IRS. These are HIS words, not mine:


Tell me if this isn't the stupidest thing you ever heard. First, the IRS is an organization that is totally inefficient and out of control. It wastes billions upon billions of dollars (i.e. the billion dollar computer that doesn't work, unable to collect back taxes on some, loopholes for others, etc.), it uses Gustapo tactics to collect, even the agents cannot answer questions, and has an unfair system. What do they do...Congress votes to add another bureaucratic layer to it called an "Oversight Committe" which will have to entail adding lawyers, auditors, accountants, working space, a budget, etc. Instead of doing away with the organization (an oxymoron) or should I say disorganization and having a NATIONAL SALES TAX or FLAT TAX. The answer is so simple but when you put a bunch of lawyers into a position of power (Congress) can you expect any less?

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