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Finally, a Gun Bill That Makes Sense

H.R. 27

In the United States, in 1995, there were approximately 1,400 deaths caused by firearms and 43,900 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents.[1] And yet, Congress is presented with bill after bill either attempting to eliminate or control the use of guns. It appears that some of these bills also aim to eliminate handgun ownership entirely.

Certainly a departure from most of the gun-related bills now before Congress, H.R. 27, Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 1997, the bill's short title, appears to promote the right to own and use a handgun for the protection of person and home. In addition, this bill calls for the legal protection of those who use a firearm when it becomes necessary to use one in self defense, as might occur when an honest, law-abiding citizen finds him or herself face to face with a criminal who intends to do them or a loved one bodily harm.

Presented by Rep. Bartlett, in conjunction with 19 other congressional representatives, this bill presents a number of important facts concerning crime, police response, and firearms that I not only find fascinating, but I thought you should see for yourself. For those with internet capability, you will find this bill listed on the Alerts page at:

H.R. 27 boldly states the fact that "Police cannot protect, and are not legally liable for failing to protect, individual citizens...." The bill proceeds to list situations where various courts have ruled in favor of police departments and officers in matter of litigation in regards to either slow or no response, stating that law enforcement is only obligated to protect the people en masse, not private, individual citizens.

Here are some other interesting facts brought out by H.R. 27:

If you have ever written a letter to your Congressional representatives, now is the time to do it. If you, like I, believe that gun ownership is necessary for 1) to maintain a balance of power between the People of the U.S. and their federal government, and 2) that the mere right to own a gun serves to slow the crime rate by forcing many criminals to think twice before breaking into a home that might be occupied, then please stand behind Rep. Bartlett and H.R. 27, Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 1997.

If you do not know who your Congressional Representatives are, if you have access to the internet, you can find out who they are on my personal web site. There are several search engines designed just for that task. Also, if anyone knows of a reason why all of us should not support this bill, please send me E-mail and tell me why. You can contact me at: --Al Colombo


[1] National Safety Council, World Almanac, 1997, World Almanac Books, Mahwah, New Jersey

[2] H.R. 27, Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 1997, 105th Congress, Washington, D.C.

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