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Americans are told over and over that we enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. Although the difference in this regard once was clear as a bell ringing in the dead of night, it is not as clear today. For example, as I witness foreign television broadcasts via satellite, I cannot help but wonder if the issue itself is nearing the point of hype instead of truth.

For example, in Middle astern programs, where common folks are often interviewed, you will see all the modern conveniences in their homes. Some of these homes are smaller than ours while some are similar in size. I've seen programs involving former Soviet Block countries, where people are interviewed in their homes, and I see the same thing.

So, are Americans really enjoying the highest standard of living across the globe?

I can still recall, as a child, how most mothers stayed at home and took care of their children. Fathers worked long, hard hours to earn the money necessary to pay for the family's home, cars, food, etc. This was the mold for most families, up until the late 60s and 70s. Now, what do you see? Both parents are working to maintain a standard of living that their parents enjoyed when only one of the parents worked outside the home.

As far as the feminists who have preached so long that men are unfair, that the woman shouldn't work in the home... you have done more to destroy the family structure and our once great standard of living than any single item... until globalization took a foothold. Now, we allow the State to care for our children... at least individuals who must be certified by the State and, in many cases, trained by the State!

Frankly, the State does not belong in issues of Socialization. They do not belong in issues pertaining to Education (which is used to perpetuate this grand Socialization experiment). They muck up so much of what they do because of Leftist individuals in government who wish to promote their own Collectivist thinking throughout society. We all know that the best and quickest way to change the face of any people is to begin with the children. This they have done by virtue of law and financial/economic necessity, as it pertains to the family structure.

It's time that Americans begin to realize that we, as a people, have really not moved forward in a financial sense. It's for certain that we have not moved forward in a social sense as well, for any time momma must work outside the home and let the raising of her children to others, she's allowing those "others" to infuse their own standards and beliefs in her dear children's minds.

Will we allow the devil to win again?

The road back, if we should choose to embark upon it, will be difficult and long. Perhaps the first step is to hold our politicians accountable for the "globalistic" policies in Government that have brought about a situation where manufacturers are freely allowed to relocate outside this country and still enjoy the ability to bring their cheaper-made products back into the U.S. and sell them at an even higher profit than in the past.

Perhaps the first step is for the people of this country to "demand" that these politicians bring trade tariffs back on line to equal the playing field. To those who simply repeat the same old free-trade mantra, let us see you go work for a buck a day like some foreign workers do! Well, before it's over, that is what it will take to keep the remaining manufacturing jobs in America! And now they're starting to "outsource" our service-based jobs, which is a fancy way of saying they're shipping our office jobs overseas as well.

Most of all, perhaps it's time that momma comes back home to care for the most important commodity in any family's life--the children! Perhaps it's time that "single" mothers come to understand that they have not gained a thing by abiding by the feminist point of view, that all it has done is induce hardships in momma's life that were never there before--and yet the children's care is left to others.

Yes, it may mean bringing less money home for the family. Or, it may mean that daddy must work a full- and a part-time job in order to pay the bills. Yes, it might even mean moving to accommodations that the family can truly afford and pay for. It may mean one credit card instead of ten. It may mean the loss of one car, the loss of broadband Internet, and more.

All of this should eventually bring back the family. Best of all, it would be momma instilling her own beliefs in her children's impressionable minds and not others doing it for her.

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