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How Long do you suppose it will take before the American people suddenly wake up and find that United States of America no longer exists? Another year, two years, perhaps five years? Little by little, piece by piece, the jobs and technology that belong to the people of this nation are being sold off to the highest bidder. Under the illusion of GATT and NAFTA, big companies are now able to establish manufacturing plants outside the U.S., hire $1.60-a-day labor, and then bring these products back into this country where they then sell them to U.S. citizens. Did I forget to say that this also nets them a lot more money?

I recall many years ago when the automobile industry experienced a tremendous number of problems because of the foreign imports. I remember the anger and violence of the time as Americans all accross the country promoted the attitude "Buy American." Although I did not show my frustration with the auto industry by buying a foreign-made car, I nevertheless showed little if any sympathy, for I always said "why should I buy an American car with imperfections and a higher price tag when I can buy a Japanese car that runs better, longer and for less money?"

I was young and inexperienced at the time, and I thought that lower prices and better cars were enough reasons for Americans to forsake their fellow American workers. Well, I was wrong--we were wrong for doing so.

Today, sad to say, almost everything I see has a "made in China" stamp or sticker on it. Sure, these products probably cost less because they're made in Chinese plants using workers who make pennies a day. But what about our fellow American workers who use to make these very same products here in the U.S.? Well, many of them no longer have a job. Some are on welfare, others on unemployment, and many are homeless, walking the streets of this nation. Still others have changed vocations, some of them I'm sure took up a life of crime--simply so they could bring food and money home to their families. Certainly not the right thing to do, but a fact of life.

We wonder why these countries, Japan and China especially, see nothing wrong in protecting their own labor force by not buying American products. They're the smart ones I have a strong feeling. After all, why should they buy from Americans at a higher price when they can buy it there at home cheaper? Add it up folks, the numbers speak for themselves. If their products cost us less here in the U.S. to buy, just think about how much cheaper they probably are there in China or Japan.

We should be protecting our own American workers. We should buy only products, whenever possible, that have a Made In U.S.A. stamp or label and we should not allow price to be our only guide. Our own jobs may be at stake, for if our fellow Americans no longer have a good-paying job, it's for sure they will not be able to purchase the products that the rest of us have a hand in. And, it's for sure that the Chinese and Japanese are unlikely to import enough of our products to make much of a difference, so our jobs actually may someday depend on us now supporting our fellow American workers.

If They Were Better Friends

If RED CHINA were better friends with the U.S., I might not be so worried. However, in a recent edition of the newpaper, I read where China and Russia held a summit, the result of which was an agreement between the two countries to join militarily and economically to resist the advance of U.S. democracy. Does this kind of declaration spell frienship? I don't think so.

China and Russia are not our friends, no matter what President Clinton or Vice President Gore would have us believe. These people most likely have every intention of running us over. Add to this a recent report where President Clinton attempted to push through a lease deal involving the Chinese and the Long Beach Naval Base. Recent reports, not yet substantiated, I might add, have also reached my desk saying that Chinese troops are now here in U.S. ports, on U.S. soil, at the following locations: Savannah, Georgia; Pascagoula, Mississippi; Beaumont, Texas; Corpus Christi, Texas, the Panama Canal, Isthmus of Panama (both ends); Long Beach, California; Redwood City, California (Francisco Bay).

Now, I'm all for peace with China and Russia and even the immediate neighbor on the south side of my property, but I'm not in favor of careless national defense; and, according to my sources, President Clinton decided to lease the Long Beach Naval Base without a security check or the approval of Congress. Have I missed something here, but has Congress disapeared and gone to heaven? I don't think so. Then, what in tarnation is going on in Washington?

Everyone will agree, all of us little people feel helpless and unable to affect things in Washington. Yet, if everyone would sit down and write one letter a week to their Congressmen and Senators, telling them how unhappy we are with their performance, then I'm almost sure that it would make an impact that they wouldn't forget when it comes time to vote on important issues. It would show them where to place their priorities.

For more information on China and relations with the U.S., examine the Foreign Media Reaction Reports on Gore and Gingrich in China at the following URL: gopher://

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