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Why Allow Socialism To Overtake
Us Without Firing A Shot?

21 April 2001

Internationally, America looks like a dinosaur without a privacy agency or a chief privacy officer," said Chris Hoofnagle, staff counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Washington (Computerworld, April 16,2001).

Hoofnagle is apparently unhappy because President Bush intends to run the U.S. Government differently than 1) X-presidente Clinton, and 2) the Int'l Community. In response, I say HOGWASH! In fact, make that a DOUBLE HOGWASH!!

First of all, although I am not in lock step with the current President on every issue before us, I see no need for us yanks to work so hard at looking like and running our government as the Europeans do. Not only that, in regards to the Koyoto Protocol, there is nothing at all wrong with this President putting America's interests before that of the Int'l Community, as the U.S. Senate did in 1996, and now G.W. Bush. This treaty is not only controversial, but it is largely unproven.

Because G.W. failed act, the Int'l Community is up in arms. Why? I tell you, there are big bucks to be made in carbon taxation--and it's an absolute must that the U.S. climb on board. Why? Because America's contribution to the Int'l Community's carbon tax would be staggering by any standard.

Perhaps the recent gasoline price hikes ARE nothing less than a form of carbon taxation? Perhaps it was far easier to do it this way than to steel the money from so many folks in the daylight. This way they didn't even have to tell us we were being penalized for our gasoline, fuel oil, and propane use.

WHY, EXCUSE US FOR LIVING!! (Okay, I'll calm down now)

My dear friends, specifically those who have yet to understand the true nature of "Globalism," this is a tiger that will eventually turn and eat us all alive (not the wealthy, I say). It is a wild beast whose only existence is to serve one master, satan, by way of the wealthy who serve him (I should add, not all wealthy people serve him).

Along with this you now see record size consolidations (monopolizations), and no one has to even call it anything other. In addition, now the term CENTRAL BANK has finally, and freely emerged, in relation to the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is nothing more than a banking cartel made up of quasi-private corporations (commercial banks).

At every step, U.S. firms are being encouraged to discontinue their industry stateside. Why? Is it really to provide a better standard of living to our neighbors? Friday morning, on the way to the office, I heard a Mexican woman say on public radio that she fails to see any substantial advancement in the standard of living in her country as a result of the industrialization that is now taking place. She clearly said that U.S. firms are moving there by the droves. So, perhaps it is safe to say that the true agenda is not that of a noble, humanitarian cause?

By concentrating so much power into a single world-wide body--the U.N. (United Nations), and by now providing them with the teeth they need to enforce any socialist-spawned agenda (i.e., International Court of Justice), we are likely to rue the day that such events took place.

Keep in mind that although the U.S. might appear to be on top of things at this time, it is entirely possible that in the future, the near future perhaps, we could be at the opposite end of a very powerful international machine. This same statement can be made for any nation who might someday find itself at the opposite end of world opinion. The world does not need another totalitarian regime, especially a monopolistic one-world, global government, such as the United Nations. Where else could those who dislike such a government run this time? Certainly the moon would be too close for comfort.

Now, in Quebec, protesters are working to assure that what I've just described will not occur. However, the mass media is working real hard to make you and I believe that they are antiquated, behind the times, anti-progress, anti-technology, anti-free trade. The only one of the above that they are decidedly is that of anti-free trade. Unfortunately, many of us are so uninformed and ignorant of history that we believe that these brave men and women are wrong when they may very well be right.

If you are as concerned with the events now unfolding in the Int'l arena, what should you do? I am certainly not advocating violence, such as took place in Seattle, Devos, and, now, Quebec; but I am suggesting that you apply resistance where ever it seems proper. For U.S. citizens, you need to apply pressure at the top. Write letters, faxes, and e-mails to G.W. Bush and your Congress people--give them a call.

Whatever we do, let us NOT allow socialism to overtake us without firing a single shot, as Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, first secretary of the Soviet Communist party as well as premier and party secretary, promised JFK (John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President) in the early 1960's.

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