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18th April 2004

By Allan B. Colombo, Publisher
Giant Killers Organization

This fine Sunday morning, this humble American would like to comment on two issues of interest in the news as of late: first, the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and second, the issue of military action in Iraq, our casualties among American Armed Forces, and the top agenda.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi, the newly appointed Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, was killed by the Israeli who fired two missiles at his vehicle. Dr. Rantisi recently took the Hamas leadership position after the untimely death of his predecessor, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the organization's founder. Of course, Palestinians have responded angrily, taking to the streets in protest.

Now, it could be said that the Israelis were on anti-terrorist duty, and as the popular media/press laments the loss of another Hamas leader, and as they criticize the methods used by Israel to secure their country, very few have supported the effort made to subdue what has become an extremely violent, terror-oriented group-the Hamas.

The death of Dr. Rantisi took place "…less than five hours after a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up. The bomber killed one Israeli security worker and wounded three others several miles to the north of Gaza City, in an industrial park near the crossing point between the Gaza Strip and Israel."

For those who sympathize with the Hamas organization, please consider the act of murder that the Hamas perpetuates on nearly a daily basis, many times encouraging and trailing young people to murder Israeli's by suicide bombing.

What would life be like in the United States if an organization stateside took up the same act of murder, killing your neighbors, one of your children, a friend, and doing so at the local café, movie house, theatre, or grocery store? How long would it take until you, as a freedom-loving American, would take to cowering in your home, afraid to go to work or go to the market? How long would it take until you would instinctively applaud our government's effort to subdue such an organization by going after its leadership?

Frankly, none of us fully understand what is going on over there in Israel and the West Bank. Frankly, it is none of our business what goes on there. The Israelis must do whatever is necessary to secure their country, just as we must do the same (and have not taken all steps to do so, I might add). Thus, when you read or hear commentators talk against Israel's actions, just picture suicide bombings and other terrorism-based acts, as committed by Hamas, taking place at the center of your own hometown.

Military Losses In Iraq & The Agenda

Those who know me understand that I am not an anti-war person. By the same token, I am not a pro-war person either. Instead, this writer is a practical person who believes that war is often necessary to settle problems and to secure one's homeland from outsiders who choose to commit hostile acts. (Frankly, this could be extended to include acts of psyops using our own media and governmental systems to do it, but that discussion must take place another day.)

For those of us who lived through the Vietnam era, we know the picture of war on our television. Those who actually did a tour in the deadly jungles of Vietnam could tell you much better than I what it was like to fight a war in such a manner that you could never possibly win. Younger folks would not know the heartbreak that ensued because of flawed political policies during that conflict, policies that forbid American armed forces to attack certain types of targets in certain locations.

Most of us came to see the Vietnam Conflict as a flawed political war, not a true military campaign. Others took this understanding just a tad farther, supposing that it was a war America was never to win, right from the start to the very bitter end when we pulled out in utter disgrace.

It could also be said that the Vietnam Conflict was an action designed to further change the "mind set" of Americans as well as the rest of the world, bring us even closer to an agenda that had long been planned for all nations of the world. This agenda included the dismantling of national armies, the turning over of those armies and armament to the United Nations for "Peace Keeping" duties, and the use of a small contingency of military personnel to maintain order within each nation state.

What I have just described to you is an agenda that has long been in the planning and implementation stages. It is the very reason why, no matter what the President's name or party, Peace Keeping and Nation Building continues to take place and American forces have become a large part of it.

Let us think of it in this manner. Some years ago I told you, through my writings on GKO, that the intent of Peace Keeping and Nation Building was to keep the brunt of our troops out of country-to keep them preoccupied everywhere else but here. Some of you did not respect that opinion while some did. Those of you who did not, you could not see the purpose, but foremost I believe you could not see the road signs along the way.

How do you explain all the base closings that continue on till this very day? How do you explain the fact that our current President, George W. Bush, made the statement during his first election campaign that he was not for Peace Keeping and Nation Building and that America would not participate? How do you account for the fact that, no matter what you choose to call it, America is still in the business of Peace Keeping and Nation Building?

I've also said this a time or two before:

There is very little difference in the actions committed by Clinton and those by Bush in this regard. Yes, the domestic policies, the manner in which these policies are conducted, the various issues may be different, but where it comes to the globalization agenda, the drum continues to beat it's rhythm and the soldiers of the New World Order appear to continue their march forward! Please tell me I'm wrong-but be prepared to show me.

For those who do not believe this-for those who do not believe there has been an age-old agenda afoot to do all of this-please indulge me a bit further by reading one more document, a document that should by all means prove that such an agenda does, indeed, exist. That agenda was signed by President John F. Kennedy and was turned over to the United Nations in 1963, before his untimely death. Click Here

Now, here's the hardest one of all. I'd like to hear from you, whether you agree or disagree. E-Mail Me

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