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The Chinese Debacle
April 07, 2001

According to China's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Sun Yuxi, The regret expressed by the U.S. side is a step in the right direction to solving this question. As for the next step in handling this issue, the key is for the U.S. side to adopt a cooperative attitude, admit its mistakes and make a formal apology.

If I may respond to this comment by Sun Yuxi, it is my personal belief that:

Apologize for what--being in what the International Community considers International Waters? Apologize for what, two Chinese jet fighters dogging a slow, cumbersome propeller-driven craft? An apology is out of the question. But, no matter how this situation ends up, PLEASE LET US LEARN BY THIS AND TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION!!

Let us learn by our mistakes over the past few decades. China is not the friend of Democracy. I know this because for two years in a row, a few years ago, small articles appeared in our local paper, written by the Associated Press, which stated that China and Russia had agreed to join militarily and economically to thwart the advance of democracy. I've mentioned this in other editorials.

In closing, I do not know what the solution to this standoff is, but I do know that an apology from the United States is not it. Once we apologize, China will seize on that and will act legally in International circles to do further harm to our nation. Above all, the American pilot may not have done anything wrong. Accidents occur and any nation that engages an aircraft outside of it's Internationally recognized air space must be prepared to accept the results of such an event, as took place when the Chinese jets dogged the U.S. spy plane.

Al Colombo

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