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Reader Blasts Colombo
Over Reparations Issue

28 January 2003

Colombo - I find it interesting how you're devoting a whole Website against reparations for Blacks. It's funny how people don't care about the welfare of others until it directly affects them.

If you were raised not to be racist, then why did you wait until now to speak out against injustice by speaking against reparations? Reparations isn't a new thing. It's been a debate since 1867. Oh I guess you didn't know that. No matter what I think about reparations - I think you're an asshole. You don't care about racial harmony! You only care that reparations might dip into the blood money made from your mob brothers. How does that feel?


No, I have not devoted an entire web site to this issue of reparations. In fact, the overwhelming amount of material that exists on this site is devoted to enlightening people concerning the global threat that exists to all of planet Earth through globalization. You need to look at the What's New section to realize that. The issue of race is only one plank used by the global elite in their bid to subjugate all of society. They commonly do that through forcing you and I and others to ponder their differences and not their commonalties. It's time we act like Americans instead of animals.

You can call me what you will, but this argument is not about you or I. We were not on location to enslave anyone, be us black or white. What's more, not one of the blacks screaming for compensation were actually enslaved. In fact, if it had not been for the fact that their great, great, great grandparents had been sold into slavery by blacks in their own native Africa, not to Americans, but to Dutch and British, all the blacks pushing for free money might very well have been in Africa all of their lives. Often, out of bad things come good ones.

I have worked for every dime I have. I may not have much, but I've worked hard for whatever I have. I'm sure you have too. Those who live in the urban jungle might not have the same opportunities. It could be said that opportunities in the rural setting are not plentiful either, since there are so many corn fields and cattle fences. If there are economic opportunities, they must be in the suburban and urban areas, especially now that hard industry has been bought and sold to foreign concerns.

You can think I'm an a*****e. Perhaps I am, but not for the reasons you have cited. You, my friend, have fallen into the age old trap that Socialists/Communists have laid for so many others, such as Mother Russia in the late 1800s, early 1900s, as well as Tibet, Germany, etc. Unless we become united again as a nation, we will falter and fall. United we stand, divided we fall. It's a numbers game. I wish you the best.

Al Colombo

P.S. My mobster brothers and I do not see things the same. My father raised me to be an honest man as he was, earning my own living and never taking from others. I would appreciate hearing from you again. It's always good to debate such important issues. Thanks.

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