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18 January 2003

It has been claimed that our minds screen out far more than we accept, else we would live in a world of chaos. Our screening process may be essential, but it is also arbitrary and changeable. We pick and choose, ignore or magnify, illuminate or dampen, expand upon or obscure, affirm or deny, as our inheritance, adopted discipline, or passionate pursuit dictate. At root is an esthetic response, and we invest our esthetic responses with sacred overtones.
Joseph Chilton Pearce, author
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

Truth be known, I have known since a very early age that the human mind is programmed, deliberately designed, even equipped, with a filtering mechanism through which all of reality must pass. This filter largely determines how much of true reality that we are actually able to see and understand.

My concept, expressed many times throughout my journals since the late 1990s, and written of at times herein, of a multi-layered, multi-tiered reality took considerable time for me to see and understand. My understanding that our government is embroiled in a fight of sorts where gov't workers within many departments and agencies of the federal structure often perform their jobs according to a specific political ideology, took many years to develop.

In every case it was I that chose not to believe, not to see. It was also I who grew tired of rejecting what I honestly knew to be. It was I that eventually forced myself to see more of true reality than I was willing to admit to previously. It was also I who pushed beyond the wall of resistance that each of us feel whenever someone presents an idea, an accusation that threatens to topple our sense of safety in the assumed reality that we've been witness to all of our lives.

Is there not pain associated with the process of reality stretching? Such expansion of mind not only causes much discomfort, but it also comes at a price.

First, there is an enormous amount of inner resistance to the process of reality expansion. When a new idea that lies outside our view of reality impinges itself on our consciousness, the first thing that usually happens is that a wall of rejection immediately forms between us and everything around us-especially the idea that we believe to threaten our safety. This naturally causes us a good amount of discomfort, enough so that most of the time we choose to retreat by rejecting the impinging idea.

Take, for example, the idea of a vast conspiracy in a global political arena. The mere idea that many in Congress and our President could be willing participants in such a shameless sham is so difficult to accept that many merely pass it by with no further consideration. After all, if true, this could (and does) represent an enormous threat to our safety. For others, enough of the truth eventually penetrates the wall of rejection that it causes enough interest for the individual to further pursue the impinging idea for the sake of truth.

Despite the resistance of the mind's filtering mechanism, many of us refuse to reject out of hand allegations of a centralized effort to politically and economically, now militarily, control all nations, and thus all peoples. Instead, we have chosen to reject the wall of rejection that forms when we see others bravely step up to the plate and take a swing.

Instead of arbitrarily rejecting what they have to say, we have chosen to look as far beyond that wall as our mind's filtering mechanism will allow us at any one moment. Sometimes we find that what they have said appears false, and so we legitimately reject it. However, there are many times when we cannot ignore the facts presented. By stretching the envelope time and time again, the edge of our perceived reality continues to move outward, allowing us to see more and more of what really is out there.

Those of us who dare to expand our view of reality-those of us who truly care about our fellow-man-will naturally attempt with all our hearts and minds to illuminate the way for our less fortunate brothers and sisters who's minds are closed to the existence of an illuminati. High levels of frustration will naturally take place at the center of our being when we are labeled as "nuts" by those who do not have enough information to base any kind of true, meaningful conclusion. Additionally, we are just as frustrated when those who do know, especially those who willingly and knowingly participate in the top agenda at hand, label us as "extremists."

In closing, perhaps the price of maintaining a safe and secure sense of reality is not worth the wall it hides behind. Perhaps it is time to look beyond that wall of resistance where the light of day will quickly exposes and defuse the shenanigans of the global elite as well as those patsies and traitors in high places who represent them.

Al Colombo, publisher

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