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19th April 2004

Asthma At All-Time High, But Why?


There's no disputing that the United States is in the midst of an unparalleled asthma attack: A pair of federal reports recently announced that 16 million adults and 9 million children now suffer from the respiratory illness, wringing $13 billion from the nation's annual health-care bill.

It is the cause of all this misery that remains murky.

Maybe it's the way we seal ourselves into our newly built houses. Or maybe how obsessed we are with keeping ourselves free of germs and disease. Or maybe even that we now cure our children's fevers with Tylenol instead of aspirin. Or perhaps it's all of the above and more.

The Asthma Riddle
Stephen Smith
The Boston Globe
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Perhaps we need only look up for an answer to why there is so many suffering from Asthma. No one has successfully answered the question as to what is being sprayed over our heads, right above our very noses, and almost daily. Are you not in the least bit interested in why all those jets are flying crisscross patterns across the sky with those white contrails trailing behind for hours? (Picture taken on 4/7/04)

You will find more contrail pictures HERE.

Albert Coggs, GKO Editor

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