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April 4th, 2004

Certainly Not Kerry


I may not agree entirely with President Bush on a variety of issues, but one thing is for sure... when it comes to voting in the November election, it won't be Mr. Kerry that gets my one vote. If there were ever a Grand Liberal running for office, Kerry is IT!

For those who are not aware, the title "Liberal" is only another word for what we once called a "Socialist." Only, where Socialists were idealists with integrity, true liberals have none.

For the true liberal, winning is the goal and not the ideal itself. For them, the means justifies the end, which means they will stoop to just about any low to attain their goal.

Do we want this liberal in office? He talks of jobs while his own party derailed jobs all through the 90s. No matter what you hear, you must know that the Clinton regime did more to shove jobs off shore than any administration that ever held the White House.

Al Colombo, GKO Publisher

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Allan B. Colombo

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