05 March 2004

In The Making

(On childhood innoculations)

By Al Colombo, GKO Publisher

I can still recall the day I went to our local elementary school for my vaccinations--all two of them. One of them was for polio. And yet, despite the fact that I received only two inoculations, somehow I successfully weathered through my youth and most of my adulthood without dieing. Today, some children will receive as many as 34 equivalent shots before they reach the age of 15! (Click Here for more information). Some of these inoculations are 5-in-1 shots, which merely means that five shots are combined in to one.

Well, all of this is somewhat frightening, or should be to any parent that really cares about the long-term health issues associated with this many vaccinations in such a relatively short period of time. A few years ago one of this writer's own grandchildren was faced with a situation where his local school demanded that his mother remove him from school that day and take him to a doctor to receive "8" additional vaccinations (some of the duplicates). He was to receive all eight that day so he could return to class the following day.

Perhaps the most odd thing about this situation was the fact that just two years before, before his doctor retired, he had all 8 shots that was then required for his childhood. Suddenly, here are 8 more needed! When I talked with a nurse friend about this, she advised that 8 in one day was a bit much. I was advised to seriously consider the consequences of this proposed action. Well, we opted him out of the vaccination program on the basis of religious reasons. Frankly, God did not intend for human beings to pump themselves or their children full of expensive drugs that, many times, are often removed from the market later because of serious problems.

Frankly, I view the entire issue of 34 equivalent shots in 14 years with an eye of suspicion. The issue seems more related to money for large pharmaceuticals than the good health of our children. Should parents be legally allowed to exercised their parental right to stop the vaccination of their children if they seriously question the risks involved in doing so? According to Barbara Loe Fisher, author of "Q: Should parents be allowed to opt out of vaccinating their kids?", the answer to that question is YES!!

"Parents do not want their children to be injured or die from a disease or a vaccination. As guardians of their children until those children are old enough to make life-and-death decisions for themselves, parents take very seriously the responsibility of making informed vaccination decisions for the children they love. That responsibility includes becoming educated about the relative risks of diseases when compared to the vaccines aimed at preventing them." Fisher also is author of the book, DPT: A Shot in the Dark.

Doesn't it strike you odd that the issue of childhood immunizations is an international one? Doesn't it strike you odd that many of these forced inoculation laws at the state level are simultaneously introduced into nearly all the state general assemblies at the same time? It takes big money and good organizational skills to do this kind of thing. Do you believe that any common organization would see a benefit to that kind of expense and undertaking unless there were something in it for themselves?

Let us be perfectly honest with ourselves, if not with our lawmakers and children. Organizations usually form to protect the common man from big money interests or big government. It is my personal belief that nearly every organization that backs the widespread effort to force parents to immunize their children cannot be working for the best interest of society's children. Ask yourself who it is that truly funds such organizations?

One example of such an effort to force inoculations, not only in children but society wide, was developed by The Center For Law & the Public's Health at Georgetown and John Hopkins Universities. To read more about this effort, please Click Here.

For now, allow me to point the way to an organization that has been in operation since the early 1980s: THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER @

This is one of the oldest vaccine advisory orgs in existence at this time. I happen to support this org financially and otherwise when possible, and consider it an honor to be involved with them. Please take the time to go through their web site. You will learn a lot. Also, you should subscribe to their e-mail newsletters. They are very helpful.


Genuine concern or corporate greed?

Does Senate Bill 139 represent genuine concern or corporate greed? Follow the money.

SB 139 will set forth a statewide database of all Colorado's children. The system will be used to call parents and coerce them to have their children "fully" vaccinated. This means the child must have every single recommended vaccine.

When I was a child I only had two immunizations: polio and smallpox. These shots were for serious diseases that affected large populations. I am truly grateful for advances in modern medicine that have eradicated deadly diseases. Today, though, Colorado's children are required to receive 29 vaccinations by the age of 4. The risk of children contracting some of these diseases is miniscule.

Brad Johnson, Guest columnist
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