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08 February 2004

Airliners as WMD Study, 1989

By Timothy McNiven
GKO Contributing Writer

Briefly, 25 years ago, I was stationed on Strassberg Kasern, in Idar-Oberstein, Rhine Platz, West Germany, assigned to C-Battery 2/81st FA, U.S. Army. I took part in a military group that for the purpose of "defending against," developed an attack scenario of hijacking airliners and crashing them into buildings to get around our air defence system.

I can supply facts that can establish that 25 years ago the US Military developed for the purpose of "defending against" an attack scenario that took place on Sept. 11th.

Before I give you my information, I would like to ask you a question. When I talked to a reporter from another publication, he asked me a question and then in the middle of my answer, he asked another question and then in the middle of that answer he asked the first question, only slightly different. What is the motive of this type of questioning? I have Military information that I tried to, like in a debriefing, give him and then he could question, but I don't think he understood because he may not have been in the military and understood that process, which you, with your military service, can understand.

To the best of my ability, I will recall for you information about the group I took part in 25 years ago and to verify that what I have said is true, I will take a polygraph exam by the examiner of your choice and pay for the exam and all of my expenses. For the purpose of confirming for you that this group took place and that there should be records for it and that others who took part may also be willing to tell what they know if they still were alive.

Yes, 25 years ago I told people of the group that if the government ever failed to prevent the scenario that I would do every thing I could to tell about it; other members of the group were of a wait and see attitude, that is, when it happened then they would decide; so besides me, you have a number of other people who may be willing to tell the truth instead of allowing the government to cover up their information.

The advantage that you have with this is that the other publication I talked with did not allow me to tell him that others from the group had expressed that they may come forward and tell what they know if someone was to simply ask them to. What this means for your search for information is that once I have taken the polygraph exam and it shows that I was not intentionally deceiving you, you then can ask publicly if any or all members of the C-Battery 2/81st FA (1975-76) would come forward and tell their information to the American people. Thus, not excluding information that is pertinent to our current situation simply because it is included in US Military records of 25 years ago.

I would like to stop here and express my opinion on the elected official from New Jersy who is attempting to place the responsibility for failing the American People on to the US Military and our Intelligence Service for the WTC attack when the truth is that through the government's procedural process, the US Military and Intelligence Service gave our elected officials the attack scenario and some suggestions on correcting recognized security problems 25 years ago and it is the elected officials who for 25 years had the information but failed to act on it. [It was they who] failed the American People and for over 100 years the exclusive political party elected officials are those who we have now so there is no one else but them to be responsible for their failure. I appreciate your opportunity to address the charges that the elected official has leveled directly upon me being one of the group that developed the information that we gave to the elected officials 25 years ago as not giving them enough prior warning. If 25 years is not enough time for our elected officials to act, then just how many years is enough?

The information I will be giving you are facts that are part of the records, but not in any way the complete text or all that I know but enough for the purpose of establishing that they exist and that there are others who might be willing to come forward if asked to tell what they know.

During one of the group's conversations following our creating the concept of h hijacking airliners to get around our air defense system, I made the contribution that the best planes that could be used would be those that were transatlantic flights because they would have full fuel tanks. Then another member said that transcontinental flights also had full fuel tanks. (The importance of this is to establish that I was not alone in this endeavor. There are others who also may come forward.)

When asked the question, what kind of plane would be best to hijack, I contributed "a Boeing, because of the one lack-one key fleet information I acquired form living in Everett, Washington where the 747 is built and having brothers who worked for Boeing.

Lt. Teague (one of those who may come forward if asked, if he is still alive) on another day asked me what could be done about it and I made the suggestion of asking Boeings to change it. Later (as in a number of days) Sgt. Riggs came to me in our hallway and began saying something about Boeings but there was to much noise for me to hear what he said. (I would like to point out that I was not asked to be the person who asked Boeings, so I do not know if the US Gov't did. This will be something you will have to ask the Gov't and Boeing. I only suggested that the Gov't ask Boeing to change their locks.)

Some people may feel that this next fact is the most important in the records but I do not. When asked what type of political climate the country would be in when the attack might happen, we came up with ham stringing; that is when one political party would set up the in-coming administration with a disaster to happen, when they were in office. When asked who might do this, another member said a name, which I made an agreement to let him to be the first to say in public. But I can say that the name in the records is neither President George Bush who, on Nov. 9, 1989, was president, or George Bush who is President now….

These next facts to me are of more importance than the person's name who is the type of person to have let it happen in an act of political hamstringing.

The Army's mathematician (i.e., he was in the US Army and did mathematical calculations on the result of a plane hitting a 100-story building) put the building collapsing on itself in the time frame of between one and two hours (there were the number of minutes between 1 and 2 hours is the best I can do). When it was later said to him that the buildings engineers disputed his calculations, he said that they, unlike him, had to say that to keep their job when questioned by Military higher-ups. The Military's calculations were what the warnings to NYC were based on.

One person from the group said that the US Gov't should contact NYC and tell the fire fighters and police officers to not try and go up 80 floors in a building to try and put out the fire because the building would collapse before they could get there.

The records also include a person from the group who considered himself a religious person being a Priest in his religion. He made an international plea of begging to the US Gov't to tell New York City to not send those people to their unnecessary deaths.

When asked what an International plea of begging was, he explained that religious people can't twist anyone's arm to do something. All they can do is beg a gov't to intercede and prevent a calamity.

All of these facts are in the Military's records. As you have seen with the nature of each fact that they are ones that are considered not influential on the current situation since my intent is only to reveal and confirm for you that there are 25 year-old records that dealt with the Sept. 11th scenario and that there are others who may also come forward if asked.

Also, for your research, there were people in Everett, Washington that I told of the attack scenario in the early 1980s: Doug Swanson; his brother, Mike; Jay Hayes; Pete Summerness; all neighbors to Chuck Plunkett and Janice Hatton who I told. The last I heard on Chuck Plunkett, he moved back to Everett in the late 1990s, Janice Hatton was living with her mother on Whid by Island. The others still are in Everett, if alive. I also told these people it would be OK for them to tell anyone they wanted to so there may be some others.

Since I already know the name of the butler who did it, for me [it is the] people from my old unit, C-Battery that took part in this mission on Nov. 9, 1989, that is of more interest personally. But first things first, my information on the WTC attack, please take the time to consider whether I jeopardized any of our troops with these facts, but these are facts that confirm that there are others, facts and people who were participants that if asked may talk with you. Thank you for allowing me to address the charges leveled at me by the elected official from New Jersey.

[In closing,] I have no fear of retaliation by the gov't for illegally releasing classified information because my medical condition is terminal and I will probably pass away from natural causes before I would ever get to court. I have accepted my medical condition as inevitable, but I'm not dead yet and will not have a coward from New Jersey spit on me and my Military service to cover up the fact that he and his fellow elected officials had information that would have prevented the attack for 25 years and they did nothing about it.

Timothy Stuart McNiven
114 Grand #202
Bellingham, Washington 98225

-30- (Post marked Dec. 12, 2001)

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