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09 September 2004

Outsourcing of Jobs

By Gary Miller, Publisher
Judeo Christian Family Alliance

If John Kerry thinks we lost too many jobs to foreign outsourcing during the current Bush administration, he needs to take another look at Teresa Heinz Kerry's foreign holdings. I counted 69 operations outside the U.S., owned by the H.J. HEINZ Co.!

There would be enough jobs there to hire a whole army of American workers.

H.J. HEINZ CO. (Foreign Facilities)

01.Star-Kist Caribe, Inc. Acquired 1963. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
02.Star-Kist Samoa, Inc. Acquired 1963. Pago Pago, American Samoa.
03.Empresa Pesquera Ecuatoriana. Acquired 1991. Guayaquil, Ecuador.
04.The Fitness Institute Ltd. Acquired 1988. Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.
05.H.J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd. Established 1909. North York, Ontario, Canada.
06.Omstead Foods Limited. Acquired 1991. Wheatley, Ontario, Canada.
07.Shady Maple Farm Ltd. Acquired 1989. LaGuadeloupe, Quebec, Canada.
08.Martin Pet Foods. Acquired 1996. Elmira, Ontario, Canada.
09.Alimentos Heinz C.A. Established 1959. Caracas, Venezuela.
10.H.J. Heinz European Grocery. Established 1995. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
11.H.J. Heinz Company Limited. Established 1917. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
12.H.J. Heinz B.V. Acquired 1958. Elst, Gelderland, The Netherlands.
13.H.J. Heinz Branch Belgium. Established 1984. Brussels, Belgium.
14.H.J. Heinz GmbH. Established 1970. Cologne, Germany.
15.Sonnen Bassermann. Acquired 1998. Seesen, Germany.
16.H.J. Heinz S.A.R.L. Established 1979. Paris, France.
17.Heinz Iberica, S.A. Established 1987. Madrid, Spain.
18.IDAL (Industrias de Alimentação, Lda). Acquired 1965. Lisbon, Portugal.
19.COPAIS Food and Beverage Company S.A. Acquired 1990. Athens, Greece.
20.Heinz Polska Sp. Z.O.O. Established 1994. Warsaw, Poland.
21.Cairo Food Industries SAE. Established 1992. Cairo, Egypt.
22.H.J. Heinz European Infant Feeding. Established 1999. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
23.Heinz Italia S.r.l. (formerly Plasmon Dietetici Alimentari S.r.l.). Acquired 1963. Milan, Italy.
24.H.J. Heinz Company Limited. Established 1917. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
25.Farley's Healthcare Products. Acquired 1994. Kendal, Cumbria, England.
26.Fattoria Scaldasole S.p.A. Acquired 1996. Monguzzo, Italy.
27.H.J. Heinz Company C.I.S. Established 1994. Moscow, Russia.
28.H.J. Heinz European Foodservice. Established 1997. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
29.Heinz Single Serve Limited. Acquired 1995. Telford, England.
30.Serv-A-Portion. Acquired 1999. Turnhout, Belgium.
31.AIAL (Arimpex Industrie Alimentari S.r.l.). Acquired 1992. Rovereto, Italy.
32.Dega S.r.l. Acquired 1994. Rovereto, Italy.
33.H.J. Heinz European Frozen and Chilled. Established 1997. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
34.H.J. Heinz European Frozen and Chilled Foods Limited. Established 1993. Dundalk, Ireland.
35.H.J. Heinz Company (Ireland) Limited. Incorporated 1966. Dublin, Ireland.
36.H.J. Heinz European Seafood. Established 1997. Paris, France.
37.H.J. Heinz Company Limited. Established 1917. Stockley Park, Middlesex, England.
38.John West Foods Limited. Acquired 1997. Liverpool, England.
39.Pioneer Food Cannery Ltd. Acquired 1995. Tema, Ghana.
40.Indian Ocean Tuna, Ltd. Acquired 1995. Victoria, Republic of Seychelles.
41.Ets. Paul Paulet S.A. Acquired 1981. Douarnenez, France.
42.IDAL (Industrias de Alimentação, Lda.) Fish Division. Acquired 1988. Peniche, Portugal.
43.Mareblu S.r.l. Acquired 1996. Latina, Italy.
44.H.J. Heinz Central Eastern Europe. Established 1994.
45.H.J. Heinz Company C.I.S. Established 1994. Moscow, Russia.
46.Heinz Polska Sp. Z.O.O. Established 1994. Warsaw, Poland.
47.Pudliszki S.A. Acquired 1997. Pudliszki, Poland.
48.Kecskeméti Konzervgyár Rt. Acquired 1992. Kecskemet, Hungary.
49.Heinz P.M.V. Acquired 1995. Zabreh, Czech Republic.
50.H.J. Heinz Southern Africa (Proprietary) Limited. Established 1995. Johannesburg, South Africa.
51.H.J. Heinz (Botswana) (Proprietary) Ltd. Formed 1988. Gaborone, Botswana.
52.Kgalagadi Soap Industries (Pty) Ltd. Acquired 1988. Gaborone, Botswana.
53.Refined Oil Products (Proprietary) Ltd. Formed 1987. Gaborone, Botswana.
54.Olivine Industries (Private) Limited. Acquired 1982. Harare, Zimbabwe.
55.Chegutu Canners (Pvt) Ltd. Established 1992. Chegutu, Zimbabwe.
56.Heinz South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Established 1995. Johannesburg, South Africa.
57.Pets Products (Pty) Limited. Acquired 1997. Cape Town, South Africa.
58.Heinz Frozen Foods (Pty) Ltd. Established 1995. Klerksdorp, South Africa.
59.Heinz Wellington's (Pty) Ltd. Acquired 1997. Wellington, South Africa.
60.H.J. Heinz Pacific Rim. Established 1996. Auckland, New Zealand.
61.H.J. Heinz Australia Ltd. Established 1935. Doveton, Victoria, Australia.
62.Heinz-Wattie Limited. Acquired 1992. Auckland, New Zealand.
63.Heinz Japan Ltd. Established 1961. Tokyo, Japan.
64.Heinz-UFE Ltd. Established 1984. Guangzhou, People's Republic of China.
65.Seoul-Heinz Ltd. Established 1986. Inchon, South Korea.
66.Heinz Win Chance Ltd. Established 1987. Bangkok, Thailand.
67.Heinz India (Private) Limited. Acquired 1994. Mumbai, India.
68.PT Heinz ABC Indonesia. Acquired 1999. Jakarta, Indonesia.
69.PT Surya Pratista Hutama. Acquired 1997. Surabaya, Indonesia.


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