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11 September 2001

The Summer's Drive-By, Drug-Related
Shootings And The Error of Apologists


It was a few hours before dark on Aug. 21 when a man he had never met passed by in a car and shot Raymond [Bozak], 13, with an air rifle. Instead of leaving a welt, the BB broke the skin and penetrated muscle, two layers of membrane and one lung, nicking a blood vessel.
(Sadly, Raymond died.)
Random Shootings Shake Neighborhoods
Mark Rollenhagen
Olivera Perkins
Cleveland Plain Dealer
September 02, 2001

Yes once again we are into the Dog Days of Summer and once again many big inner cities are once again seeing a rash of drug-related, drive-by shootings and out-right killings by those who ply their illegal trade. Most of these killings are for-revenge murders because of nonsensical reasons like "someone sold on someone else's turf" or "someone ripped someone off."

The Daily Commentary; 5/25/01So, why do these killings go on? Allow me to answer that question. Because no one has the [gumption] to stop the individuals who are doing it. After every shooting, Police can find no witnesses, even though it happened in broad daylight!

When you hear all the reasons why these young white and black men, growing up in poor areas, get involved in drugs, it is usually because they are growing up in poor areas and have no chance at succeeding. They see all the money, cars, clothes, and jewelry that these drug dealers have and it gives them all the incentive they need to deal drugs. Any reasonable person knows that this is pure BULL!

The Daily Commentary; 5/18/01Every day young men and women come out of ghettos and other deprived areas and they succeed. What makes these individuals different than their loser counterparts? Please allow me to answer that question: those who succeed want to. It's that simple.

No one forces these losers to sell or use drugs. In most cases, they were taught right from wrong by their parents, who made sure that they did not hang around the wrong people. Most of these parents are some of the most honest and hard working citizens you will ever meet. They should be congratulated for turning out as well as they have. And then along come their loser children. Just like my self and siblings did.

The Daily Commentary; 5/14/01One of the biggest problems for the drug violence in poor areas is because, unlike the suburbs were kids hide their drug transactions, these kids do them in broad daylight, in the open street. And oftentimes the customers are young affluent white kids coming in from the suburbs to buy their drugs.

In my line of work, I often find myself in run down, declining ghetto neighborhoods. You can see those who care about their neighborhood and those who are trash. These pigs should be incarcerated, or even better yet, exiled or shot.

When I witness a crime in these neighborhoods, I report it to the Police and I show up at the hearings to make sure that justice is served. Once, I was threatened because I was going to testify at a criminal trail. I immediately notified the Police, after making it perfectly clear to the ones intimidating me that their lives were in jeopardy should they continue. Once, when attending a hearing, I saw a defendant trying to scare a young woman with his tough-guy stare. I immediately notified the judge as to the situation and the individual not only was convicted, but he was given additional jail time for witness intimidation.

Quick CommentIf you show no fear to those who are lawless, you will find out that they can be stopped. Especially when they are convinced that they're dealing with someone just as crazy and unpredictable than themselves.

I have proudly helped law enforcement to put more than 100 individuals behind bars. I do this because I care. In each case I went to court and truthfully testified because I will not put up with drug dealing in my community. You shouldn't either! Get yourself armed with courage, self defense tactics, and put a solid plan together with Police. Then put it into action. Please help your local police department clean up your neighborhood by putting these drug dealers out of business. Together, we can make our America a much better, secure place to live.

The Anarchist

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