06 March 04

BY: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Columnist

There is no question that North Korea is, considered by any intelligent American to be hostile to the United States of America! Their performance since the signing of the cease-fire, temporarily halting hostilities, has been nothing less than a ploy to advance their agenda via another technique. Over the years since the truce talks began numerous military operations by the North Koreans against the Republic of Korea and the United Nations soldiers stationed have been conducted, oftentimes with the loss of life on both sides. Recently they have openly addressed their nuclear program is in progress and advancing to the point of soon being operational! Obviously, they have no respect for the truth, treaties, international law or their own people. 'They,' identified as the current oppressive government of Kim Jong-il are not only starving their people for the good of the 'state' but attempt to present a picture of a nation in contentment! The performance of this 'country' can be verified not only by our 'allies' but also by, for example, the Chinese as well! North Korea is therefore the last country I'd like to have endorse any of our candidates in any election. At least, that's what I thought initially when I read the report 'North Korea warms to Kerry presidency bid' by Drew Hartman in Seoul and Judith Adamson in Washington, published 4 March 2004!

Accurate gathering of any information on a person or subject prior to having to make a decision is the basic requirement of being satisfied after the fact. The decision we as citizens have to make next November may be the most important vote we have ever cast! For that reason, we should consider an endorsement for one of our presidential candidates by a government that is as hostile as North Korea is to ours, as being intelligence information that we should not overlook!

In the past few weeks, speeches by ultra-liberal senator Kerry broadcasted, and reported in glowing terms by the Korea Central News Agency, Radio Pyongyang, the official mouthpiece of Mr. Kim's communist regime were sent around the world.

The communists' enthusiasm for Mr. Kerry may reflect the North Korean position of wanting to deal with him via 'negotiations', and his stated policy of 'appeasement' and 'bribery' rather than President Bush commitment to have North Korea disarm its nuclear program entirely. It seems the North Koreans have studied our political arena as well as many of our own citizens have! They would much rather see someone in power here that believes in the avoidance of armed conflict at any cost than someone who may lose patience with them who by having the backing of the American People decide to 'do something' about their 'saber rattling'!

We must continue to learn from our enemies as well as our allies and our past. This new area of warfare and terror has taught me many things about the philosophies of reality and the current lesson learned is, "A friend of my enemy is my enemy!" That's my opinion! "This Is Still America!"

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Allan B. Colombo