22 February 2004

By: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

GIANT KILLERS ORG (02/20/04) -- Hey, comrade General Baluyevsky, I read your article yesterday about your country developing a 'hypersonic' missile that renders any missile defense useless. The statement you and President Putin made in reference to my country was especially interesting. You said, "We informed the United States of our intention to conduct the experiment with this weapon and they (the United States officials) issued no objection". In addition, the general said," the missile was developed not because of the offensive power of the United States." I love you too much too, you can trust me and our check is in the mail! Has it dawned that we are not interested in your new missile because we already have a counter to it?

We realize now that because the 'Evil Empire' no longer exists you must do something to try to maintain, at least some type of, international influence no matter how small. However, by now you should realize that we are not, or for that matter, never have really been concerned about what you develop. Many of us have seen your equipment in action, and with a few exceptions, it sucks. You should also be aware that we are currently in a war and on a good war stance. Our military has never been so strong, or have you not noticed. Now is not the time for you to attempt to 'rattle a saber' in our direction. Especially now that you have your own war going on, right in your own back yard.

Please be assured that I am not issuing a warning to you from us. After all, you owe us money from as far back as the forties and we would still like you to make good your debt one-way or the other. In addition, have you forgotten our food deals and our support and cooperation with your forces in Eastern Europe? Come on comrades we are not a potential enemy you should be worried about attacking you. Although with the situation today with both nuclear and conventional forces, we have the capability to turn your country to 'glass' by lunchtime without much exertion if we wanted to.

I advise you to look closer. Aren't you neighbors with the country with the largest population in the world? In addition, haven't they already philosophized about the possibility of participating in a nuclear war and winning because of that population? Think about it. Over the last fifty years have they been a good friend to you or have they been your biggest competitor in the world of communism? The Chinese did not want you to do anything during the Korean War other than to provide them with food and ammunition and stay out of their way. You got to them with your attempt to influence the Vietnamese so much that when our war was over the Chinese sent a large army into North Vietnam to 'teach their little brothers respect'. If you remember correctly that army returned, rather quickly, to China with numerous unmarked graves left behind in the jungle of their 'little brother'. Moreover, you were the primary provider of supplies and advisors to the Vietnamese.

Now that you are much smaller than you were during the days of the 'evil empire', I advise you to avoid bragging too much on your new missile. It may lead to be just enough provocation the Chinese need to see just how good your new missile is. When, if you think about it you will realize that we may have something for you to reconsider when announcing to the world what or what you do not have. (A word to the wise should be sufficient) However, in the recent past you have not been the 'brightest light in the room'. For a change, make us proud of you for being a member of the world community and evaluate the reality of your situation.

This is the 'only' warning you will get from us, here in the bayou. "Keep your enemies close; hold your 'friends' closer. Are the Chinese your friend, comrade?

That's my opinion! Folks what do you think about this situation?
"This Is Still America!"

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Allan B. Colombo