22 February 2004

BY: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

GIANT KILLERS ORG (02/19/04) -- Recently Governor Blanco of Louisiana along with several other dignitaries returned from a fact-finding trip to Iraq and had a debriefing with President Bush. During the meeting, we here in Louisiana understand, our governor discussed primarily two issues. Our Governor Blanco covered the situation in Iraq and financial aid from our Federal Government for economic development for the State of Louisiana. She, Louisiana's first woman governor has been in office for only a few months and has traveled probably more than the last two men who held that office. We here in the bayou have been told and can see it ourselves that this Democrat is one of the few who has kept her word and is actually working for the people. For this reason, the local 'Cajun Congress' here in this 'undisclosed' bayou has come up with a possible solution that we are going to submit to Governor Blanco that could help not only our state but our whole Nation as well. Here it is.

Let's move the United Nations here to Louisiana. We have plenty of room, low taxes and a great local work force to help with the readjustment. The delegates can temporarily stay is some of our 'swamp shacks' or tents on the bayou. Being that most of those representatives at the UN are from third world countries they should feel more at home here than in New York City! Here in central Louisiana they would be more centrally located which would help with travel and save time and money for everyone. We have international airports available only a short helicopter, limo or 'swamp buggy' ride from the primary location we are suggesting. By the way, it would be close to the new interstate highway that is waiting funding so everyone would have the opportunity to drive border to border and see NAFTA first hand! Moreover, we have enough volunteers with pickup trucks that could help move most of the items necessary, with the exception of mistresses, from New York to Louisiana and we agree we would only charge the UN for fuel and food. We would use our pay scale and it looks like it would cost about $1,000 per pickup as compared to using their scale of approximately $500,000 not including additional sir charges. Considering the transfer could take place in less time than it takes a UN resolution to pass and with the two-day a week work schedule they're on, little disruption if any would be noticed by the members. With Louisiana being about the most racially diverse state in the union, surely many of the delegates will be more comfortable here, especially during Mardi Gras when Louisiana is 'home' to everyone! In addition, where else could security be better? If you have doubts about security, I invite you to come on down and meet some of the local Louisianans and 'Cajuns'. During the 9/11 tragedy when there was still a threat, remember where President Bush flew? Think about it.

Of course, we and I'm sure, you realize that our economy here in Louisiana would probably receive more economic aid by having the United Nations here than what we receive from all the casinos, race tracks and state taxes combined!

I hope that when Governor Blanco receives and analyses our proposal she will understand the benefits of moving the UN here and will help convince our President as well as the President of the UN that this is a solid idea. If this does not fly, we ought to stop any of our support for the United Nations and as an alternative plan have our President consider establishing a White House extension here. Government employees could work at night without fear of being in a high crime area and President Bush would be closer to Texas!

What has the United Nations done for us lately? If they help us we wouldn't be so reluctant to help them. I invite you to visit the United Nations if you are ever in New York, and when you do you, I believe you will agree with our proposal to move it somewhere else and a 'bayou' is a viable location!

That's my opinion! What do you think of the United Nations?
"This Is Still America!" Let us keep it ours!

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Allan B. Colombo