22 February 2004

BY: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

GIANT KILLERS ORG (02/13/04) -- With the rather limited selection we currently have competing for the office of President I have decided to expend some serious thought on the matter. While trying to list common traits of the presidents we have had during the last sixty years it seems there is a few that stand out among most of them. Of course, there are exceptions as there is in every case of comparison but even they are among the subjects that do not have the most visible characteristics. So in my final analysis, it seems that to be elected you must possess in one form or the other these talents.

First, you must be 'flexible' enough in your positions that you can bend with the immediate opinions and wants of others. You can fool some of the people all the time and if you have a good sense of 'timing', you can fool enough voters at the precise time they are casting their votes. You can do this partly by being able to 'identify' with the people you are with at the time. For example: if you are a wealthy railroad man from the Midwest who went to Yale and achieved a Master's Degree in International Finance, you must still be able to convince the 'brothers in the hood' that you are one of them! More importantly, you must be able to 'deceive' minorities into believing you have their best interest at heart. Why not, when all they want is for the minimum wage raised up to just under what you tip the pizza delivery boy?

Here is the most difficult talent for a presidential candidate to perform. He or she must be able to surround him or herself with intelligent, organized, efficient, knowledgeable, motivated, loyal people who will do what he wants them to do at the precise time and nothing more! Of course, they periodically are required to sacrifice themselves if necessary and to maintain silence about anything they disagree with.

A candidate must 'look the part'. President Kennedy was the first to capitalize on this during the sixties when the youth revolution was in full swing and television came into significant importance as a media of mass convincing power. I remember how 'cool' he looked while debating the sweating Nixon. That one incident of 'looking the part' could very well have been the straw that got him elected. Have we ever had a short, fat, ugly man as our president? Can you see Danny Devito as our president? Wait a moment maybe I can! He may be short but he has the gift of gab and a good sense of humor and his wife is already a well-recognized supporting actor! Maybe we're looking at this all wrong. The ability of 'playing to the audience' as we've seen so successfully accomplished by former President Clinton can be a very valuable characteristic. The one professional actor we have had as President, by the way, was very successful and did very well in accomplishing both national and international goals. Was he not responsible the very day of his inauguration for the release of our citizens being held in Iran? In addition, did he not tell the 'evil empire' to "tear down this wall?" Moreover, they did it!

Therefore, to identify my candidate for president I must answer, as Aristotle once did, "I not only know what I know but I know what I don't know" and I don't know who my candidate for the presidency will be!" No offering as of yet has commanded my attention enough to commit the future of my children to. Perhaps as the 'gambler' said, "you've got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them". As for now, I think I'll hold what I've got. Taking a chance on one of the other options is just that, too much of a chance.

That's my opinion.
Who's your candidate for the presidency?
"This Is Still America!"

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Allan B. Colombo