22 February 2004

BY: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

GIANT KILLERS ORG (02/10/04) -- It seems that without question the Central Intelligence Agency is not performing up to an acceptable standard. Especially when considering the amount of money and trust we have placed with it. Of course, we can find fault after the fact that the previous administrations set us up with this organization of inefficiency and waste. In addition, like Monday morning quarterbacking it is easy to say what we should have done. The difference between the CIA and a football team is however severe! So let us move on, realize just what the situation is, decide on corrective measures and act on those decisions. Our very lives may depend on just how proficient the CIA is, or rather becomes, now more than ever.

I suggest we look around and see who possesses the most efficient intelligence organization in the world, learn, and improve upon their system. Every country it seems no matter how small has a unit of people who collect information for their governments. We could study our neighbors to the north and south considering that they use information gathered on us for their benefit, which would be convenient. Alternatively, we could look at history and learn from it! Now there's a thought! In recent history who has been proven to have the best intelligence agency? What country has had the most success when acting upon information provided by their intelligence service? What intelligence service has the respect of all the citizens it has sworn to protect? The obvious answer is, of course, Israel. The capture of Adolph Eichman, a Nazi war criminal, the successful raid at Entebee where well over a hundred of their citizens were held hostage, and more recently the ability to target and destroy a single terrorist vehicle is just some proof of their expertise. Sounds like they have a system we could learn from, is it not? They are our allies, after all, and should be willing to help us, help them. But wait, didn't the Israelis have the same assessment of WMD in Iraq as we did?

However, for a change, let us consider the cost and time it would take for us to become as proficient with the gathering and use of intelligence information as the Israelis are. First, we would have to set up a liaison with them and they may consider that in itself a security concern. Then there is the difficult and time-consuming task of recruiting, selecting and our training of new candidates who will be replacing the inefficient people now occupying those slots. That change should begin by the immediate removal of the current head of the CIA to facilitate gaining the attention of the complete organization. Considering that this changeover could take years and the threat of an attack is probably closer than the time required we might have to look at an alternative.

Why not just contract out our intelligence requirements? For the cost of it, we may be in a better economic position if we hire outsiders to do the work. It would certainly save us time. Moreover, who knows how much time we have before another assault upon our country is attempted? In addition, our concern for the death of a mercenary in our service would be far less than that given to the loss of one of our own. Cold, but you know it is true. History has numerous examples of such mercenaries, some successful and some not so reliable. Could we trust mercenaries though with the security of our country? That is the question concerning this option.

The best option is, I believe, to 'shuffle' the cards, shake up the CIA and re-deal. Fire, with authority anyone who is responsible for the current inefficient situation starting with the director. Concurrently, we should begin searching for the most ruthless, efficient organization director we can find. If Donald Trump will not take the position, but I believe him to be patriotic enough to give it a shot, at least put him in charge of the selection of the director and department heads!

Regardless of what we do to make corrections within our intelligence agencies we MUST do something and do it NOW! Why do we have so many different intelligence agencies anyway? Our lives depend on it, politics be damned. Just do it!

That's my opinion! "This Is Still America!"

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Allan B. Colombo