22 February 2004

BY: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.
GKO Contributing Writer

GIANT KILLERS ORG (02/08/04) -- Last week we lost a man, "in the arena" as Theodore Roosevelt would have described him. Even at the age of 91, Admiral Moorer had kept quite active in public affairs.

This dynamo of a man made his first landing on an aircraft carrier in 1935 quite a feat in those days. He was there on December 7th, 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. As a combat pilot during the war, his plane was shot down over the South pacific. Fortunately, a cargo shpply ship rescued him. When Japanese planes began bombing the supply ship, which was carrying ordinance and explosives along with some of the crew Moorer entered a lifeboat. Shortly after, the ship exploded killing the remainder of the crew. Miraculously, he and the survivors made it to a deserted island where he was discovered by an Australian airplane. For his heroism, Moorer was awarded both the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

Moorer remained on active military duty and retired an Admiral but remained in the service of our country in numerous capacities and became the forefront advocate to address the Chinese relationship with the world. Moreover, the clear thinking Moorer turned out to be right in his concerns. A communist power filled the gap when the Panamanians gave Hutchison Whampoa, a Chinese company, operational control over the canal. Admiral Moorer said that when he warned the Senate that some communist power would fill the vacuum in Panama he never, in his wildest dreams, thought that country would be China.

In his closing years, Moorer's singular worries were of China. He believed that Red China was using front companies like Hutchison to set up strategic bases near key "choke points" for control over shipping lanes. He was also quite disturbed that China's Hutchison had taken control of the port in Freepost, the Bahamas - just 60 miles from Florida.

Moorer saw China's demand for Taiwan as just one reason the Chinese may go to war sometime in the future with the U.S. And he never bought the notion that Beijing's ideological Maoists had any intention of remaking China into a democracy.

Inevitably, he argued, china would be in a conflict with the United States.

China's enormous population made this likely and worrisome. Adm. Moorer's concern was that Chinese leaders might some day believe they could absorb a nuclear attack, lose 200 million people and still have 800 million left. The U.S. could not withstand such a loss. China's population made naught the concept of mutually assured destruction - which had helped maintain lukewarm peace with Russia for decades.

Therefore, when we honor and remember this great warrior, we should remember his last warning: Beware of China.

My personal experiences with the Chinese of both 'sides' direct me to believe that Admiral Moorer has offered us the most critical warning of our time. Since the beginning of this war with terrorism what have, you heard of from China except they will participate with nuclear talks between the North Koreans and us. What do they have to lose, more importantly what do they have to gain? Think about it.

That's my opinion. "This Is Still America!"

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Allan B. Colombo