03 January 2004

By: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.

Having found and researched the meaning of the two words above, I've come to the conclusion that in today's world there seems to be little difference between them! Although I have a tendency to believe there may be a little more honesty among prostitutes, the similarities are amazing. Each sells something for money or personal gain. It could be drugs, power, influence or status among peers that drives them to compete for our attention and support. They each have a tendency to deceive us as much as possible in order to gain our confidence so that we will pick them and make us feel like we've made the right decision. The oldest profession is followed closely by the second and can be proven by the attempts of Adam and Eve to negotiate their position even after they transgressed the Law! Sound familiar?

The ACLU will sell its' soul, Jesse Jackson will sell his race, many congressmen will sell their vote and 'hookers' sell their sexual favors. The principle is the same the technique is different. An exchange of a product of some type that's desired by the buyer for an amount of money or something else considered important by the seller. And after the deal is done each goes on their way not remembering much about what happened only feeling that for a short time, they got their way. Then on to the next deal or time it's necessary to sell something to get what they want. Can be considered a little childish, don't you agree? Certainly a trade like this cannot have lasting results that favor either party. And, time will tell if the encounter was a good one or one that will require medical or corrective measures!

Prior planning prevents poor performance and can be adapted to either of the arenas mentioned above. Why precautions are not taken by anyone in these encounters is beyond my understanding. Perhaps that is why there are so many diseased politicians and prostitutes and pregnancies? Fear not, in our society, we only associate with those folks that we choose to be with. The problem of prostitution can be resolved by just saying no, avoidance of that environment or deciding that it's just not the right thing to do. Problems with politicians however are more complex. They have a disease that no medical solution can prevent or control. They will lie about anything that could possibly help with our trusting them or believing in them long enough for them to get what they want. And their positions seem to be as durable as a mold, for once they're in it seems they find a way to glue themselves in for life. And what a life! Clean, comfortable, staffs to do menial tasks, free parking or limos, free international travel, and vacations paid for by the tax payers (US) with all the additional perks you can imagine including working only about half the time! Early retirement with full benefits and medical care add to the privilege of serving us! Can you believe it? Our State and Federal Politicians work less and receive more pay and benefits than any other career we know of! What a deal! And can you believe some of them have filed bankruptcy?

And how do you get a job like these you ask? Have the lack of moral courage to do the right thing, know how to lie and convince people of what they want to hear, hide all of your weaknesses and transgressions until election and then deny anything that may cause you to look less than worthy. Of course, you must be able to hide anything that you may have done while in college or even high school that would make you look human. And you must have money.

Getting in is one thing mister politician and miss prostitute, staying there with out eventually becoming a looser is quite another.

Folks, I suggest you apply the five P's to the politicians running for office and vote. As an optimist I feel that sooner or later we will prevail. Keep the Faith, there must be a National Leader out there somewhere. Perhaps he's applying the plan as we speak.

That's my opinion, For This Is Still America!

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Allan B. Colombo