03 January 2004

BY: Regis H. Murphy, Jr.

Magicians in Las Vegas can make elephants disappear off stage right before your eyes! Sawing a woman in half or using a guillotine to remove ones' head is now a rather common trick. Ships have been made to disappear while sailing on the high seas! It's mind-boggling how some of these acts are performed! Yet, none of these magical acts can even begin to compare to what's happening to all of us, right before our very eyes!

Remember when majority rule would solve problems of discontent where ever it was found? Disagreements during ball games, at school activities, while deciding on class president or who would make the best leader were solved by honest discussion and voting? When we voted we accepted the results and went on to success whatever the arena. That was the American Way!

Of course there were things that we all did not agree upon and went on to try and change them but, we usually did them in an acceptable democratic manner which was honest. Today has become a different world of 'magic' that seems to have changed the very quality of life here in America. Never before in my lifetime, of sixty years, has it seemed there was so much discontent, mistrust or disappointment with our politicians and national organizations. And we have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing this deterioration of our society to take place. Our apathetic participation when it comes to voting is apparent when only thirty percent of our qualified citizen's vote. Yet, it seems a great majority will criticize and 'quarterback after the game'.

The 'major magic' of today is simply, where has our country gone? The Second World War of the forties, Korean War and lack of identity of the fifties, Vietnam and social awareness of the sixties, sexual revolution of the seventies, reconstruction of world power of the eighties and floundering of the nineties seems to have led us to a complete osmosis from the country of the future to the country to bet on that will not maintain its' status as the world leader should we continue to follow this path of self destruction.

While national attention is commanded via the media to subjects like, Michael Jackson, and the Kobe sexual assault case, the removal of Christmas Nativity Scenes from public view is being conducted everywhere the ACLU can have it done and North Korea is continuing to develop nuclear weapons! Examples of magic or are they deceptions by the media? Where are the priorities?

Today's magic has developed over the years from the Garden of Eden into a system of deception that now affects every one of us. The explanation of magic when understood is not so complex. Keep it simple, observe and when the knot cannot be untied, cut it in half! But, get the job done! The magic of life in these United States is still there, one only has to look into it, compare notes, keep an eye on the 'magicians' of politics and understand that we make our own magic. Vote! It is part of your magic

Support, Sergeant Rock, Captain America, General Delivery and most of all, 'Major Magic'!

That's my opinion! This Is Still America!

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Allan B. Colombo