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Two Major Leftist Organizations
At Work Within The U.S.

The Trilateral

Many people for some reason doubt the existence of a worldwide organization that promotes centralized control at the international, or global level. After all, no one in their right mind would be so blatant and in your face with their agenda to promote and institutionalize globalism, right?

"At a deeper level, there was a sense that the United States was no longer in such a singular leadership position as it had been in earlier post-World War II years, and that a more shared form of leadership-including Europe and Japan in particular-would be needed for the international system to navigate successfully the major challenges of the coming years.

"The 'growing interdependence' that so impressed the founders of the Trilateral Commission in the early 1970s is deepening into 'globalization.' The need for shared thinking and leadership by the Trilateral countries, who (along with the principal international organizations) remain the primary anchors of the wider international system, has not diminished but, if anything, intensified. At the same time, their leadership must change to take into account the dramatic transformation of the international system. As relations with other countries become more mature-and power more diffuse-the leadership tasks of the original Trilateral countries need to be carried out with others to an increasing extent" (About The Organization, Trilateral Commission, Web Site, 2003).

Council On Foreign

The concept and effort to promote globalism is not at all a recent matter. The Council on Foreign Relations has long worked to change the mindset of Americans to that of a more international texture, thus furthering the principles of globalism. You ought to know that this has lead the nations of the world to the centralization of international government. This, in turn, will inevitably lead us to a one-world government where local and regional decisions will be made for you and I from one, central point elsewhere.

In 1954, a special committee (the Reece Committee) of the House of Representatives investigated tax-exempt foundations. In its report, the Committee said of the Council on Foreign Relations that 'its productions are not objective but are directed overwhelmingly at promoting the globalism concept....

If private fortunes were being used to the exclusive support of the globalist point of view, that would be beyond criticism. But it is important to keep constantly in mind that we are dealing with the public's money, public trust funds.

Source: Biographical Dictionary Of The Left
by Francis X. Gannon

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