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Public Information Research

Home of Dr. Greg Dixon

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America's Autopsy Report, by John Kaminski

The Giant Killers
The Minute Man

Pastor Chuck Baldwin Live

Daniel's Littlehorn by Danny Jimenez

Home of Dr. Henry Makow Ph.D.

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Health, Education and Warfare
Health, Education, and Warfare

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National Vaccine Information Center

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Civil Defense Bomb Shelter Manual
Civil Defense Bomb Shelter Manual

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We are looking for individuals who may either already be, or once were a part of the global conspiracy that is now afoot. If you happen to be such a person, and if you wish to unload a bit of baggage, by way of valuable intelligence, please feel free to contact me personally at albert@tpromo.com, and thank you in advance.
--Albert Coggs, Editor


Definition of Patriotism

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